Imagine working out with a drill instructor in your living room. Do you think it would motivate you?

I bet it would. Not only would your body firm up and feel better, but you’d perform better mentally as well. Let’s get into the specifics.

Chris Caracci produced four exercise tapes:

Each tape is filmed at a different location. Why? To show you that you can exercise wherever you are. You don’t need special equipment, fancy clothing, or to use anything other than your body and maybe a pull up bar.

Caracci uses bodyweight exercises followed with stretches that target the muscle that was just worked. He challenges your discipline by telling you to control your body—you follow his cadence, if he stops, you stop. When the exercise is over, rather than slumping your shoulders, you’ll stand straight until he tells you to “shake it off”.

You’ll want to push yourself to keep up with Caracci, and you’ll progress quickly.

You’ll do:

  • Push ups (several varieties)
  • Pull ups
  • Leg raises (and 5-6 other ab exercises)
  • Mountain jumpers (a leg exercise where you’re on all fours and jump one foot forward as the other goes backward)
  • Stretches

If you put 4-6 weeks into any of the tapes you’ll come out more flexible, stronger, mentally tough, and more flexible. Caracci has a strange sense of humor that livens up the tapes and you’ll appreciate this is your body doesn’t want to go on but your mind (and Caracci) compels you to go on, regardless.

And that’s the real benefit. Aside from training, getting stronger, feeling better, looking better, you’ll learn that your mind controls your body—your body does not control your mind. And that means when things get difficult in life, you’ll have the intestinal fortitude to proceed because of the training you did with the Caracci tapes.

I give these tapes my strongest endorsement, not just for police types, but for your average office worker looking to make a difference in the world.