Think you’re walking enough? Are you sure? I’ve written before about the importance of tracking and measuring things to make progress. Knowing how much you walk is extremely important knowledge about your activity level.
A great way to track your steps and measure your progress is to get a Fit Bit.

I have the Fit Bit Zip. It’s small, fits easily in my pocket, and tells me how much I’ve walked, how far I’ve walked, when I walked, and how many calories I’ve burned.

It syncs with new iOS devices and also comes with a USB device that grabs the data from your Fit Bit and uploads it to your Fit Bit account when you’re at your computer. Once your data is synced, you can go to your Fit Bit account and view your activity details from the day.

You can also enter other information if you want, such as other activities you might have performed and what you ate that day. I track those things separately–my main concern as an office worker is to make sure I walk enough.

When you look at your activity on the bar graph for the course of the day, you can see when you got up and moved around. It gives you a pretty good insite into your day. Any time when there are no steps, that probably means you’re sitting around (or maybe you’re doing pull ups–in that case, it’s all good!).


Since being active is so important and walking is a crucial activity (not to mention a crucial skill) it makes good sense to get some intelligent data to help you ensure you’re walking enough. Sticking a small device in your pocket that gives helpful bar graphs and records your walking activity is a great way to be intelligent about your activity.

What I do is I place my Fit Bit near my keys and wallet and grab it when I head out the door. The Fit Bit does the rest.

I’m very pleased with this thing and I think you will be too! Get the Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Trackerir?t=wormanfit 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B0095PZHZE - Review: Fit Bit Zip now!