We’re always being called to be higher versions of ourselves, but this is an extreme example.

Here we are. Holed up in our house.

I hate it.

I love it.

It’s exposing my worst. And could bring out my best.

One lesson is that I have to slow down.

I sense my energy is too high. Too many thoughts. I need to step it down a notch. It gets reflected back to me when I talk to people who are calmer than I am.

I’m gradually gaining awareness and it falls in line with these mistakes, referred to by Jowett:

1. Wanting results too quickly
2. Not willing to sacrifice time
3. Building strength at the expense of vital organs
4. Neglecting inner sources

I’ve done all those things. Particularly #3 in my youth.

The remedy for these things is:
1. Lay a foundation
2. No strain in the program
3. Organs should be more powerful than muscles
4. Great external strength with lasting endurance
5. Diet composed of meat, milk, eggs and abundance of fruits and veggies -> can’t go wrong
6. Eat wisely but not too well

I had what I’d call an experience on the deck the other day. Doing the Jowett breathing exercises. And it was phenomenal. Deep, like I was drinking in pure prana.

And it all came because I was doing the exercises at a different time, instead of first thing in the morning.

I’d been going through the motions. Can’t believe it.

We all do it from time to time.

Jowett is a great re-set. And for those who’ve already got on the program, the next course is coming soon. If you haven’t, this link below may work for you.


Well, I guess that’s about all.

Keep your eyes open. When you’re on the self-development path, you can pull others up just by your stepped up energy alone.