One of the things on my mind lately is how life looks for the next few year.

Heard on the radio today someone saying we might have to arrive at the airport four hours earlier. Well, that changes the calculus.

Looks like we’ll be driving more.

And what about kids school?

Fact is, already I wasn’t wild about public school for a host of reasons, but this might be the nail in the coffin.

So much wasted time there. So much shuffling around. Discipline. Paper shuffling.

I wonder if people will have more of an appetite for doing some of the things we need to do to stay in shape.

  • Eat more veggies and less sugar
  • Get more fresh air and sun
  • Move more and get out in nature

These are the true builders.

But we’ve deviated from the path. In major ways.

And if we look for big government to swoop in and solve problems, we’re missing the point.

Developing a little more self-reliance will be a good thing. And if not self-reliance, then community reliance.

Because we’ve been sucked into our devices instead of noticing our environment.

Reminds me of a simple framework: what’s working, what’s missing, what’s next?

Interesting questions to ask.

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