Indoor air is sometimes more polluted than outdoor air. Bad news for people who spend the majority of their lives indoors.

In The Way to Live by George Hackenschmidt, he says “the principle food for man is air.”

Air is life. Hold your breath and find out how important it is. Our indoor lifestyles need to be offset by some outdoor deep breathing.

How to Breathe

“Breathing through the nose is the only proper way of respiration and at the same time an important regulator for the movement of the body, for, if for any kind of work the breath through the nose ceases to be sufficient, one ought to either discontinue the work or restrict the movement until breathing has again become normal.”

A Simple Breathing Exercise

What about a breathing exercise?

Hackenschmidt recommends running in the fresh air.

“And whenever you come across a hill, run up it. This will force you to inhale deep breaths and will also accustom you to breathe through your nose. Besides the chest and lung development resulting therefrom, you will soon appreciate the benefits which your leg muscles will derive.”