I glanced at the magazine rack while doing some shopping this morning and an article in Harper’s magazine caught my eye:

Starving Your Way to Vigor: The Benefits of an Empty Stomach

The article started off with a story about a man who wanted to end his life. He decided to starve himself to death. At the time, conventional wisdom asserted that you would die in 10 days without food.

Ten days passed and the man felt great. His problems melted away. He ended up going 41 days without food.

Later, at the checkout line I saw an article in Self magazine that—in big letters (as if to emphasize the importance)—asserted that you could burn 300 calories in 22 minutes.

Are You Exercising to Burn Off Calories You Shouldn’t Have Eaten in the First Place?

I majored in English, but, wouldn’t it make more sense not to consume the needless calories in the first place?

Maybe my head is getting more clear from not drinking, but I think we’re guilty of treating the symptom and not the cause here.

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P.S.One more thing:

The student asks the master: “How can I become enlighted?”

The master replies to the student: “Chew your food.”

Worth thinking about.