One week you have a lighter schedule, the next week things are intense. You have to care for a mom or dad for a period of time and your schedule becomes hectic. You go back to grad school and you have to balance work, family, and school.

Things change.

In the face of change, how do you make sure you are staying healthy by exercising and eating well?

Adopt a framework. Set up a template. Establish a plan.

You know you need to exercise and eat right. Keep it simple.


  • Jog, 20 minutes, 1x per week
  • Squats, swings, pull ups, military press, push ups, rows, windmills. Each exercise at least once per week, more emphasis on weaker areas. 2x per week
  • Stretching and mobility – develop a simple routine you can do in the morning and evening – 5 to 10 minutes max – 3x a week


  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner. 6x a week – one day eat lighter
  • Water and coffee. A little alcohol. No more than three days in a row, no more than two drinks per session, preferably less – that is the max.
  • Simple meals: meat and veggies. Starch and veggies. Don’t overeat and don’t eat non-foods (candy bars, processed stuff, etc.)

Keeping these simple things in order makes a world of difference. It’s the difference between old and decrepit or old and spry. You just have to be consistent over the course of decades. We all know it’s worth it.