There was a time when I wore glasses.

Yes, for a short time from seventh grade until mid 10th grade when I said, “that’s enough.”

Decades later I was exposed to this book Take off your glasses and see, I realized what had happened.

There was some emotional stuff in middle school that I didn’t want to see. My field contracted.

But there is a bunch of other esoteric stuff in this book that bears mention–so much stuff I had to record a video:

Now, beyond this video and this book there are few other things I want to mention.

One is I’m building health at a rapid clip and there are a few drivers:

  • The foundational work I did with the Jowett course
  • Quitting coffee and caffeine
  • The daily Qualler salad routine

“If only you will change, things will change for you.” – Jim Rohn (his mentor Earl Shoaff actually said this)

What things are you doing that are blocking you?

Maybe time to exorcise those demons. Maybe throw a big party and do it.

Or just a silent walking away, not telling a soul.

Every day can be a fork in the road where you stop going down one path and make a change.

Taking off my glasses in high school was a big change for me. It was a “that’s it” moment that taught me a ton about the mind and what it is capable of.

If you didn’t watch that video above, maybe go back up and take a look. Might find some good stuff.

Or not.