Look fellow WMF’ers…

Everything has changed.

And I’m not sure it’ll come back the same way, either.

Example: The office I work in was remodeled. People worked remotely for 8 months. When the office re-opened, about 50% returned to the office, the rest continued to work remotely.

Look, it’s been a long time since I’ve been a “you gotta find out how strong you can get” kind of guy. It’s just not my thing.

I’m more of a “how can I fit exercise into my life so that I am healthy and can excel at the things that life throws at me” kind of guy.

The other day I’m listening to this recording of Eugene Schwartz, a well-known copywriter. Successful in terms of attracting dollars into his fists. Hard worker.

You know what he did? Set a timer for 33 minutes and 33 seconds. Then he worked VERY INTENSELY. Then when the timer went off, he stopped, did something else for a short while, and then went back at it.

He worked everyday, four hours a day.

Now, I tell you this because some of you might have some young kids at home. Some of you might have some new homeschooling duties thrown at you.

You’ll need to be more productive.

Now, maybe you already get a lot of work done. The next question to ask is, are you productive. Is it good work or busy work?

Here I’ve found something interesting.

It’s Darren Hardy’s Sunday Planning System.

Breaking it down it’s like this: Mission for the week, top 3 goals to accomplish, and Devil’s Vortex.

So, it forces you to think, what is most important? What is most important? Might not hurt to ask that twice.

Then you write those things down and that’s your focus for the week.

See, this is a good thing. Remember when Steve Jobs took over Apple? You know what he did? He got rid of the fluff. Focus on a few things and do them really well.

That’s what this planning system does.

Now, regarding the Devil’s Vortex. For me, YouTube is a big one. I can get sucked in. I have to watch my YouTube’ing. The corona virus might be a vortex for you.

Not sure.

But there you have it. On Sunday evening, as you prepare for the week, focus on the most important stuff. You might even set a timer for 33 minutes and 33 seconds to do this.

Then, during the week, set the timer. Try to increase your productivity within the 33 minute bands.

Set your IM/text stuff accordingly to prevent interruptions.

Your quarantined pal,

Justin Qualler

P.S. Real quick I want to talk about Nick Lynch’s virtual services. He’s a local dude, but now that everything can be virtual, he’s rethinking things and responding by offering virtual stuff. You can take a look at a listing of services here: https://workingmanfitness.com/local/

P.P.S. That link above goes to a new local page. I encourage you to think more locally and get rooted in nearby communities.