This morning I woke up and did Paramahansa Yogananda’s energization exercises. I didn’t need to consult any manual or video – I just did it.

Routines in exercise are like systems in business. It takes some discipline to follow them, but once you uncover them, you can make faster progress.

There is a pitfall with routines and that is removing too much consciousness from the activity – then the quality can suffer.

So the trick with a routine and a system is to employ the right amount of consciousness and periodically evaluate to make sure your quality is still there.

A routine in this case is a sequence of exercises strung together. It can be combined with a particular day of the week. For example:

  • Curl and press – Tuesday
  • Long walk – Wednesday
  • Squats and hanging leg raises – Thursday
  • Snatches – Friday
  • Pull ups and Hindu push ups – Saturday

It’s just a matter of making some things automatic. Learn a few exercises, know what your body can handle, then discipline yourself to follow a routine.