If you’re like me, you hate cardio. I’ve never been a fan until I realized that I was being an idiot and that I needed cardio.

So, there’s only two approaches here. Grin and bear it and hate every minute of it, OR

Change your damn attitude.

It’s like that with a lot of things, isn’t it?! Your happiness cannot depend on happenings or you’re screwed.

Little side note there.

Here’s what I dig about cardio. It’s hard. I hate it. But when I do it I’m getting the heart and lung benefit, but also a HUGE mental benefit. So I love it for that.

What are my goals? Yeah, those goals are placed in the forefront when I’m doing cardio. And I see myself as a conquerer.

If I’m jumping rope, my hood is up and I have the strength and power of a Mike Tyson. I’m on top of my world. Focused. Calm face. No “this sucks” or “when is it gonna be over” just focused and the visual.

The visual! You have this idea for what you want to be but then the friction comes, the success blockers, the negativity, the bad mental programming.

These can be absolved through repetition and powerfully so when you’re doing monotonous mundane cardio.

Now, what is some good cardio?

  • Jumping rope
  • Running
  • Bicycling

These were Bruce Lee’s favorites. And I think they are great. I’d add a rower to that list. I’ve just gotten a Concept 2 Model D and lemme tell you it is fantastic.

Such a strange beast. You’re going and like what is this? This is NOTHING! Then all the sudden you’re like WTF? And it’s meditative too. So you can close your eyes and put in your mind the picture of who you know you’re meant to become.

Again, the benefits of monotonous mundane cardio.

Lacking in our world is discipline. Self-responsibility. Conversations about responsibilities instead of rights.

The very act of doing something hard, that’s good for you, and doing it consistently is super-powerful and over time—not immediately—but over time it will make a HUGE difference.

If you persist.