Single leg balance is awesome. It develops incredible strength in the hips. It’s as though you were training your hips for sprinting–that’s the kind of bone development response you get–but all you have to do is just stand there.

By just standing there, you learn to focus and can develop your concentration. It centers and stills your mind. Focus on just standing there.

It strengthens you feet, ankles, knees, and hips. You ever hear of an old person falling and breaking their hip? Totally preventable with even 1 day per week of one minute one leg standing.

Single leg balance strengthens your connection to the earth and can help you throw a better kick and punch. Why would you want to throw a better kick or punch? Why wouldn’t you?! Don’t limit your movement to sitting, standing, jogging, squating…I say, get it all. And single leg balance is a great way to form the foundation for all leg related movements.

For old people, it’s critical. But it’s great for all ages.