In my soon-to-be-released training manual, I talk about Barbara Reed Stitt.

She was a parole officer who in her 30s suffered major health challenges. Turns out she had a terrible diet. Upon transforming her diet, “magically” her health improved.

The story would stop there but she took it upon herself to take the poor diets of the parolees and transform them.

Guess what else transformed?

Their behavior.

Yeah, like night and day. Imagine when you take out the chips and sodas and processed foods and spongy white breads and give good nourishing foods instead.

I tell you this because many men struggle with diets and need a compelling vision to get them to change their ways.

Not compelling enough? John Tilden said along with transforming your diet, you can transform your income through clearer thinking and more sound health.

All you need to do is write down what you’re eating and how much and you’ll get a feel for what’s right and wrong.

For sure most men could get a lot more veggies and the easiest way to do that is to make yourself a salad and load it up with raw veggies like carrots, broccoli, and radishes—then eat this before your meal. The dressing should be a squeezed 1/4 lemon and drizzled olive oil.

As you eat this concoction, imagine your bloodstream being purified and give thanks to the healthy food and its transformative effect on your body.

That is, don’t just shovel it down.

Eating is a spiritual activity. That’s where you want to get. Not a shoveling down affair.

Makes me want to read Dan Millman’s The Peaceful Warrior again. In that book the main character is admonished by “Socrates” to eat slower. Don’t shovel. Don’t be an animal. (He was also admonished to avoid spilling the seed—another builder.)

Yeah, eating is where a lot of men—including myself—can get themselves into trouble. Hopefully I just saved you some trouble today.

Did you plan your meals today? How often do you eat out? Are you getting enough fruits and vegetables?

Important questions to ask.

And especially if you’re starting to have inflammation or other things happening in your body, like joint pain.

Here in the US we’ll be having Thanksgiving. It’s gonna be a bit different with this virus this year. Nobody wants to make out anymore. I mean socialize. So, it might be a family affair.

Even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, the attitude is important. Gratitude. Grateful for the food, provisions, and so on. Carry that attitude into your eating and you’ll begin to transform yourself from the inside out.

Justin Qualler

P.S. The tangles of your habits can be difficult to unwind, but the more you focus on the positive outcomes and what you want—your reasons—the easier it becomes.