Learn how to create your own exercise program to get super strong and flexible—without fancy equipment and complicated routines—all from the comfort of your own home


  • Have you struggled to stay in shape and stay healthy?
  • Are you tired of super complicated fitness advice that makes you feel like you’ll never be able to do enough?
  • Do you ever wonder what it’s gonna take to change your health and fitness reality?


First world countries are full of overweight people, underweight people, and lifestyle diseases. You might be or have one of them.

To combat this, we have a medical industrial complex, including a robust pharmaceutical industry, that’s ready to take charge as soon as you get sick.

Of course the point is to stay OUT of this system. And in this world of luxury and easily accessible low quality food, that’s hard to do. Unless you change your behavior!

What does the average man need to get in killer shape?

It can really be boiled down to this: Don’t over eat. Thoroughly chew your food. Run. Lift weights. Get plenty of sleep.

There are details behind all this. I cover that in “How to think about fitness and health”. But for now realize that if you’re seeing complicated supplements and routines, you’re moving father away from the truth.

We’re programmed to ignore the simple. And so we seek complex solutions to simple problems to give us the illusion of progress. Who knows why, but it sure is easier to buy stuff than to sit down and do the work.

This might be why you have expensive and unused gym equipment sitting in your house.

Part of getting in shape is developing the correct mindset and focusing on your reasons why. You need to get to a place where exercise is like brushing your teeth: something you do everyday.

These two things, basics + correct mindset will help you build a killer body. I’ll teach you both in the book but realize this is where most people fail. In our culture if it’s not sexy or fancy, people won’t stick to it. This is where you start separating away from the crowd.

About Justin Qualler and Working Man Fitness

A long while back I visited Mexico on a long vacation. There, I saw a bunch of pathetic pot-bellied retirees, relegated to the beach. Not me, I said.

I’m an office worker, just like many of you. I’m on my butt all day unless I do something about it. If I don’t take countermeasures, I’m going to end up like those retirees on the Mexican beaches—overweight, out of shape, slouched over, tired-looking.

When I was a kid, I was weak. Always at the bottom for any type of strength test. It sucked.

Two things happened that changed that:

  1. I discovered Bruce Lee and got the spark kindled in me.
  2. I discovered Pavel Tsatsouline. Through his Power to the People book I learned how Bruce Lee was so strong and fast and learned the power of the nervous system.

I grew my fitness library and studied and learned from others and found out that you can completely transform yourself from weak to strong, from stiff to flexible, from bent over to upright, from a drunk who crashes his car to a respectable citizen…all it takes is rational physical exercise, mental discipline, goals and a purpose, and some focused concentration.

Later in life it takes something else: excellent nutrition.

It also takes an element of humor and fun. You can’t be all tight about this stuff. Like going out to a party and being a sourpuss because there’s not gluten free bread or a good salad. You can live a normal life and still be kick ass strong.

Really, this isn’t complicated stuff. What’s complicated is the human mind and the lengths it will go to avoid doing the basics that produce 80%+ of all the results you’re gonna get.


Here’s what you’ll get with the Home Gym Self Improvement Plan:

  • Proven (and fun) exercise routines that will skyrocket your strength and endurance—without taking up a lot of time
  • Detailed instruction on habit change—learn to do the things you thought required too much willpower and self-discipline (if you’ve tried before and failed, this is for you)
  • A straightforward diet plan that makes the complexity in the marketplace look like an evil plot to separate you from your money (!)
  • Your hidden power that is even more effective than willpower
  • Arnold Schwarzeneggar’s technique to reinforce his vision
  • Which simple daily choices can dramatically transform your health—without weights or any specific exercises
  • The Bob Parsons principle: How a spreadsheet can bring change just by keeping track of a few key things…also, which things you should track
  • An old Eastern Bloc technique for transforming your addictions into things that serve you (I view these countries as a sort of bridge between the East and West and the techniques are always very practical)
  • Why too much self-control is a bad thing and you should let loose periodically to boost your creativity
  • Tips for not just the morning routine but also the all-important evening routine (few talk about this sacred time but it’s just as important as the morning)
  • Why you need to develop the imagination to really succeed, and practical tips for doing so
  • 15 different workout ‘recipes’ for developing strength, endurance, and delivering muscle growth
  • A tried and true framework for resistance exercise that ensures you develop a well-balanced body with strength all over
  • Super-detailed posture fixing instructions that teach you the how and the why—even including some insights about improving the functioning of your glands (!)
  • How to keep track of your workouts and construct your workouts and always have a training plan
  • Tips on creating a home gym that can develop your dream body (what equipment to buy, how much you really need)
  • What types of foods you should buy at the grocery store
  • How you should plan your week of eating to optimize your nutrition
  • The proper mindset for enjoying a meal and preparing to digest it fully
  • A short list of supplements you should be taking
  • How to cook different types of foods from rice to oatmeal, chicken to eggs
  • Instructions for modifying the grocery store habit so it’s easy to fill your cart with the right stuff
  • How to put it all together so you can take immediate action to start transforming your life

Plug and play fitness information

I detail an approach to weight lifting and fitness that helps you to create your own programs to meet your own unique goals. The approach I adopt for training the body is movement-based rather than muscle-based. This builds a body full of functional strength and helps restore movement patterns lost through years of sitting and under-use of the body.

You’ll find many exercises all categorized by the movement pattern they represent so you can create a workout that you know will target everything you need.

I’ll teach you ways to get variety within an established program by slightly altering exercises and other training variables.

Additionally, there is how to eat information that helps you rethink what you are putting into your mouth. This information is the start to making healthier food choices and enjoying more vitality.

There are 15 exercise programs in the book that you can start from. Each of these can be modified in terms of sets and reps and even exercises. Example, change a back squat for a goblet squat.

Not a huge time investment

I’m a home gym exerciser who is passionate about health and strength, but not spending all your time developing it. I’m familiar with the struggles and temptations of working in an office and deeply understand the social pressures keeping people from being fit (especially when it comes to eating). You should be spending about 30 minutes per day on average doing some sort of physical activity. Make it happen! Build yourself up!

All you have to do is get a few pieces of equipment (or just stick to bodyweight) and then start exercising. Make it a habit and it’s a natural thing. If you do the vision work, you’ll want to be in your home gym building yourself up and the time won’t matter–the superfluous stuff will float away.

Bonuses: Some extra stuff I’ll fork over

After buying you’ll get an email with a link to download the ebook. Click that link and download the ebook. It’s real simple. Within the book (page 27) there’s a link to a resources page. On that resources page you’ll get some cool bonuses:

  • A link to an addiction beating exercise called the attraction/repulsion routine
  • A link to a spreadsheet tracker that will help you track your habits
  • The first edition copy of Battle of Mind which goes into detail about defeating addiction and gives a ton of inspiration
  • The first edition copy of WMF-Approved Training Programs which gives some additional training programs and more details on some of the programs in this book

All this for just $14.95. And if you try it and don’t make progress, let me know within 60 days and I’ll refund your money.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Mental training: Where are you headed?

  • Create a vision for your fitness and health
  • Eliminate victim thinking
  • Track key habits—measure your improvement and quantify progress
  • Using imagination and other ‘tricks’ to make change easier
  • Powerful change technique from underground sports psychology book, Red Gold
  • Morning routines
  • Evening routines
  • An overview of the mental framework

Chapter 2: Physical training: Creating a strong, athletic body

  • Detailed instructions for fixing your posture (do this before lifting weights)
  • Create a home gym and develop a sanctuary of self-improvement
  • Cardio and endurance
  • Weight lifting: Train movements, not muscles—using these key exercises and their variations
  • How to get the most from your sets and reps—and stay safe
  • Flexibility training
  • Common problems
  • Concentration and other mental training

Chapter 3: Diet: How to eat, what to eat—and what not to eat

  • John Tilden’s simple rules for eating to be healthier and more vital
  • Planning meals
  • Shopping for groceries: a buyer’s guide
  • Learn to cook: cooking tips from a non-chef
  • A sequence of tips for cooking and kitchen management like a pro
  • Mental health and diet
  • Meal as a spiritual celebration
  • Supplements

Chapter 4: Training programs

  • Warming Up
  • Muscle training
  • Basic barbell workout for general all-around strength (great starting point)
  • A Bruce Lee workout template
  • Get wiry strength by deadlifting everyday of the week (just 2 sets of 5!)
  • Basic kettlebell workout for general strength, stamina, and athleticism
  • Simple strength and muscle building workout
  • All around strength and power routine
  • Bodyweight workout for general conditioning and strength
  • Bodyweight total body workout—great for travelling
  • Endurance workout ideas
  • Barbell circuit for conditioning and no weight changes
  • Kettlebell endurance workouts—these are intense
  • Bodyweight muscular endurance routine
  • Jumping rope pyramid workout
  • Jump rope and a run
  • Sprinting workout progression
  • Body for life endurance workout
  • Sets, reps, and other questions—tips for creating and modifying your workout

Chapter 5: Next steps
Appendix: Selected exercise descriptions

  • Kettlebell swing
  • Goblet squat
  • Military press
  • Chin up
  • Single arm row
  • Dips
  • The Qualler Salad