Programs and training advice for developing strength and health from your home gym—or wherever you train

A few years ago, I was run down and worn out. I couldn’t put on muscle and I was starting to have health problems.

Then came a comment from a neighbor. It shot out of her mouth like a bullet: “Why are you so skinny?”

Being skinny is a similar issue to being fat. Problems with food and digestion. A weakened system, low vitality. Too much desk jockeying. Her comment cut through me and exposed something that was bothering me.

Like many Americans, I had bought into the work, work, work, mentality. Sleeping less to try to get MORE done. More of what, I wasn’t sure. But there was plenty of activity. And there I was, skinny and starting to get weak, too.

That’s when I knew I needed a change

Problem is I’d been neglecting my nutrition, sleep, and activity. I wasn’t doing the foundational things that build health from the inside out.

You need to be strong on the inside before getting strong on the outside. You must take care of your internal organs by nourishing them with enough work, rest, and fertilizing them with nutrients.

I knew this, but because I had “gotten away with it” for so long, I didn’t bother with the fundamentals.

Most people are in this exact same boat. How your body reacts to it (whether you get skinny, fat, or sick) is somewhat individual. But that your body reacts and you get devitalized and tired–incapable of doing your best–that’s assured. Nature doesn’t put up with that kind of BS.

The way I see it, the health crisis is not just about sickness, but it’s about progress and longevity of a culture. Planet Earth doesn’t want a culture that can’t take care of itself!

If you’re devitalized, the people around you suffer for it. Your wife, your kids, your colleagues, your friends.

But if you’re vital, and enthusiastic, you have the capacity to bring people up. Even just in small ways–like a simple conversation with someone at a park.

That’s what it’s all about. Making small improvements over time and not being in a rush about it.

Why I wrote The Home Gym Self-Improvement Plan

Right away when the virus hit I knew it was a call to health. And for a brief (naive) moment, I thought the media and government would take it as such.

But that didn’t happen. Instead of talking about building health big red dots were placed on maps fear was being built instead. Instead of mentioning that we could be doing things to build our immune system, we focused on the number of cases and deaths.

Building health and strength is not a feature of our pharmaceutical industry infused healthcare system.

Doctors won’t build health, either. Their model is different–it’s a “treat the disease” model and you get stuck on prescription meds. It works because a lot of people are lazy and don’t want to change.

But not you. You’re ready! Ready to build your own health using proven fundamental information that’s worked since the dawn of time.

In the early 1900s, there was a physical culture movement. Many great men and women contributed to it and wrote down the laws of health and strength. I’m talking about guys like George F. Jowett, George Hackenschmidt, Bernarr MacFadden, John Tilden, and Paul Bragg.

Plus more contemporary figures like Perry Rader, Reg Park, Bradley J. Steiner, up to Steve Maxwell, Pavel Tsatsouline, and Louise Hay, who understood the emotional issues behind various health issues.

I wanted to be able to come back to that information and remind myself of it at any time. But not some huge book–just a short, quick read that I could open up to get solid information, inspiration, and training routines and advice whenever I needed them.

That’s what the Home Gym Self-Improvement Plan is for. You can plan your workouts with it. You can use the advice inside to overcome addictions. You can refer to the eating section to get some inspiration on proper diet.

It’s a trusty field guide for getting a great workout or diet advice and mental training work. All three work together to build a healthy, strong, and vital body.

Let’s start a new physical culture movement

Will you join the home gym fitness and health revolution?

Do you think that Covid exposed a huge gap in our health and wellness plans?

If you’re reading this, you are desiring change. Vitality. Energetic eagerness for life. Optimism. That’s the idea behind reading the Home Gym Self-Improvement Plan. To inspire you and give the correct information to make impressive improvements in your health and strength.

As we’ve moved to more sedentary lives, more factory farming, and more conveniences, we need to take some countermeasures.

These countermeasures don’t need to be costly or complicated. They just need to be practical and efficient.

That’s what you’ll find in my ebook missive. Buy it now and get it for $14.95 USD.

Here’s a sample of some of what you’ll learn:

  • Proven (and fun) exercise routines that will skyrocket your strength and endurance—without taking up a lot of time
  • Detailed instruction on habit change—learn to do the things you thought required too much willpower and self-discipline (if you’ve tried before and failed, this is for you)
  • A straightforward diet plan that makes the complexity in the marketplace look like an evil plot to separate you from your money (!)
  • Your hidden power that is even more effective than willpower
  • Arnold Schwarzeneggar’s technique to reinforce his vision
  • Which simple daily choices can dramatically transform your health—without weights or any specific exercises
  • The Bob Parsons principle: How a spreadsheet can bring change just by keeping track of a few key things…also, which things you should track
  • An old Eastern Bloc technique for transforming your addictions into things that serve you (I view these countries as a sort of bridge between the East and West and the techniques are always very practical)
  • Why too much self-control is a bad thing and you should let loose periodically to boost your creativity
  • Tips for not just the morning routine but also the all-important evening routine (few talk about this sacred time but it’s just as important as the morning)
  • Why you need to develop the imagination to really succeed, and practical tips for doing so
  • 15 different workout ‘recipes’ for developing strength, endurance, and delivering muscle growth
  • A tried and true framework for resistance exercise that ensures you develop a well-balanced body with strength all over
  • Super-detailed posture fixing instructions that teach you the how and the why—even including some insights about improving the functioning of your glands (!)
  • How to keep track of your workouts and construct your workouts and always have a training plan
  • Tips on creating a home gym that can develop your dream body (what equipment to buy, how much you really need)
  • What types of foods you should buy at the grocery store
  • How you should plan your week of eating to optimize your nutrition
  • The proper mindset for enjoying a meal and preparing to digest it fully
  • A short list of supplements you should be taking
  • How to cook different types of foods from rice to oatmeal, chicken to eggs
  • Instructions for modifying the grocery store habit so it’s easy to fill your cart with the right stuff
  • How to put it all together so you can take immediate action to start transforming your life

In addition to all that, here are some extra things I’ll throw your way.

Bonuses: Some extra stuff I’ll fork over

After buying you’ll get an email with a link to download the ebook. Click that link and download the ebook. It’s real simple. Within the book (page 27) there’s a link to a resources page. On that resources page you’ll get some cool bonuses:

  • A link to an addiction beating exercise called the attraction/repulsion routine
  • A link to a spreadsheet tracker that will help you track your habits
  • The first edition copy of Battle of Mind which goes into detail about defeating addiction and gives a ton of inspiration

Another cool bonus is that I update this book as I get feedback and will give you the updates for free. The goal is to make something as concise as possible, motivational, and make it easy for you to follow a program–forever–and get consistent gains.

Well, if all that sounds good, you know what to do: