Rip your shirt off and be proud—I’ll show you how to build your body from the inside out, killing off your addictions and becoming more successful in the process.

Are you scared to catch a glimpse of yourself naked in the mirror? Feeling sluggish and weak? Low energy? Not enough PEP? Soft and disappearing muscles?

It’s a tough place to be. Especially if you’re feeling stuck…like you’re on a treadmill going nowhere. Trust me, I know.

But if you’re in that spot, rest assured you can get out of it. It doesn’t take ridiculous effort or spasms of jaw-clenching willpower. In fact, those methods will ultimately fail. But you probably already know this.

What it does take is exactly what I can offer—the mental reprogramming that helps you begin to take the right actions by matter of habit.

Look, I’ve been using my home gym for decades…way before Corona Virus… and can tell you a thing or three about being and looking better through disciplined home gym training. I’ll teach you the basics and then help you carve your own path to get rid of the extra flab, gain back the lost strength, and build a strong, well-muscled body in a sound mind. You can do this with:

  • Proven exercise routines that will skyrocket your strength and endurance
  • Detailed instruction on habit change—do the things you thought required too much willpower and self-discipline (if you’ve tried before and failed, this is for you)
  • A straightforward diet plan that makes the complexity in the marketplace look like an evil plot to separate you from your money (!)


Develop your vision to make the right behavior automatic

There is a spark within each of us that needs to be ignited. Once we find that spark, then we can endure the training, the discipline…and develop the willpower to go against the weak culture. Here’s what Steve Jobs said about developing this passion:

“I’d get a job as a busboy or something until I figured out what I was really passionate about.”

That’s why the first step on your home gym health and strength journey is all about vision and mindset. Inside the mental training chapter, you’ll learn:

  • Yes willpower is important, but if you have to rely on it, you’ll burn yourself out—this works better
  • Arnold Schwarzeneggar’s technique to reinforce his vision—it sure worked for him!
  • Which simple daily choices can dramatically transform your health—without weights or any specific exercises
  • The Bob Parsons principle: How a spreadsheet can bring change just by keeping track of a few key things…also, what things you should track
  • An old Eastern Bloc technique for transforming your addictions into things that serve you (I view these countries as a sort of bridge between the East and West and the techniques are always very practical)
  • Why too much self-control is a bad thing and you should let loose periodically to boost your creativity
  • Tips for not just the morning routine but also the all-important evening routine (few talk about this sacred time but it’s just as important as the morning)
  • Why you need to develop the imagination to really succeed, and practical tips for doing so

Let’s look at that last bullet on imagination. One of the best explanations I’ve ever read about imagination comes from the book Psychocybernetics. These detailed steps are included in the manual but here’s what will happen when you do imagination exercises correctly:

  1. You’ll find holes in what you think you want. If you’re unsatisfied with something now and you try to picture something different, you might find the picture is not clear. That is super-valuable information right there. You need more clarity.
  2. You’ll find the change process easier and more natural when your mind is in tune. Imagination is stronger than willpower. You need both, but if you require jaw-clenching willpower to change, you’ll burn yourself out for sure.

There is no point in succeeding if it requires jaw-clenching willpower. You’ll be a grouch. A bore. Unless you can joyfully change, what’s the point? In fact, if you have to fight change non-stop, you’re doing something wrong.

Fighting yourself is a sure recipe to develop a hard heart and bad nerves. You have to have a reason why. When you create a compelling picture in your imagination, it won’t be a battle but a spiritual journey of attainment—a gradual falling away of stuff that’s been holding you back.

Who is Justin Qualler?

First of all, look, I’m an office worker, like many of you. I know what it’s like to work for a big corp, a medium sized corp, and a small business. I’ve done manual labor and factory work. And I have a wife, kids, and mortgage.

I got started on the fitness path in my teens, starting with a Bruce Lee obsession. There was a time in my 20s when I was about to go full-time trainer. I came into contact with some of the industry’s greats early on, like Pavel Tsatsouline, Steve Cotter, and Steve Maxwell and learned from them. I was teaching in parks, at different gyms, and in people’s homes, and going to seminars and certifications.

But I had a problem. Too many liquor calories. My battle with addiction came to a head in Arizona. The way I overcame addiction by working on my mind forms a key piece of the value of my writing and value.

I’ve learned that I have to have a vision if I’m going to succeed. If not, I just follow the lowest common denominator and whatever weak tendencies I’ve inherited or learned. Without having a vision it’s easy to turn into an unthinking automaton who does things without question and is always waiting to be told what to do.

What I’ve learned to overcome addiction can help you make big changes in your life. Mind control is my big passion because it is the biggest problem with exercise and life in general: People know pretty well what they ought to do, they just don’t do it. If that’s you, you’ll find the ability to change inside my manual.

Learn the wisdom of old-timers to set yourself on the right path forever

The writings of folks like George Jowett, Bernarr MacFadden, and George Hackenschmidt help a lot. There’s a simplicity behind them.

A simplicity from a previous era before fitness became super-commercialized and therefore super-complicated. Like this from Hackenschmidt: “The principle foods of man are pure air and sunshine.”

When you learn these simple admonitions and put them in action in your life, things change fast. Impurities go away and good stuff pours in, transforming every cell in your body.

Modeling these old timers, my manual teaches you the basics of how to put together a workout, how to change your habits, how to eat, and how to get started right now with intelligently designed programs.

These old timers (and some more recent folks) give practical advice that you’ll find in the physical training section:

  • Proven workout templates that have been working for people for decades and longer
  • A tried and true framework for resistance exercise that ensures you develop a well-balanced body with strength all over
  • How to monitor your breathing to determine whether you’re pushing too hard
  • Super-detailed posture fixing instructions that teach you the how and the why—even including some insights about improving the functioning of your glands (!)
  • How to keep track of your workouts and construct your workouts and always have a training plan
  • Tips on creating a home gym that can develop your dream body (what equipment to buy, how much you really need)


Learn how to eat and experience and ever-increasing energy and vitality

Diet leads into the spiritual realm. When you conquer your eating, you realize there is one true source you get sustenance from and that is God.

Still, we need to eat. Thankfully, eating is not the complicated thing we’ve made it out to be. I base much of my information off of John Tilden who includes four rules of eating that I explain. The two most important rules are don’t overeat and chew your food thoroughly. These two are transformative.

But I also go into:

  • What types of foods you should buy at the grocery store
  • How you should plan your week of eating
  • The proper mindset for enjoying a meal
  • A short list of supplements you should be taking
  • How to cook different types of foods from rice to oatmeal, chicken to eggs
  • Instructions for modifying the grocery store habit so it’s easy to fill your cart with the right stuff

My wife is a naturopath and that helps me get on the inside track for some of this stuff. But even naturopaths have been led astray from the original nature cure philosophy which states that the body has a healing force and we just need to get out of the way. Most people are unwilling to change enough to let this healing force really work.

To get out of the way, we need to eat sensibly, have plenty of fresh and raw fruits and veggies, reduce our meat consumption—and have faith.

If your eating is in need of purification, use my behavior change information. Develop a reason to change your diet…a strong enough reason…and you’ll find it natural to eat a clean and healthy diet. That’s the goal. As far as the confusion about diet? You’ll leave that behind. It’s not complex. It’s just made complex by too many cooks in the kitchen.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Mental training: Where are you headed?

  • Create a vision for your fitness and health
  • Eliminate victim thinking
  • Track key habits—measure your improvement and quantify progress
  • Using imagination and other ‘tricks’ to make change easier
  • Powerful change technique from underground sports psychology book, Red Gold
  • Morning routines
  • Evening routines
  • An overview of the mental framework

Chapter 2: Physical training: Creating a strong, athletic body

  • Detailed instructions for fixing your posture (do this before lifting weights)
  • Create a home gym and develop a sanctuary of self-improvement
  • Cardio and endurance
  • Weight lifting: Train movements, not muscles—using these key exercises and their variations
  • How to get the most from your sets and reps—and stay safe
  • Flexibility training
  • Common problems
  • Concentration and other mental training

Chapter 3: Diet: How to eat, what to eat—and what not to eat

  • John Tilden’s simple rules for eating to be healthier and more vital
  • Planning meals
  • Shopping for groceries: a buyer’s guide
  • Learn to cook: cooking tips from a non-chef
  • A sequence of tips for cooking and kitchen management like a pro
  • Mental health and diet
  • Meal as a spiritual celebration
  • Supplements

Chapter 4: Training programs

  • Warming Up
  • Muscle training
  • Basic barbell workout for general all-around strength (great starting point)
  • A Bruce Lee workout template
  • Get wiry strength by deadlifting everyday of the week (just 2 sets of 5!)
  • Basic kettlebell workout for general strength, stamina, and athleticism
  • Simple strength and muscle building workout
  • All around strength and power routine
  • Bodyweight workout for general conditioning and strength
  • Bodyweight total body workout—great for travelling
  • Endurance workout ideas
  • Barbell circuit for conditioning and no weight changes
  • Kettlebell endurance workouts—these are intense
  • Bodyweight muscular endurance routine
  • Jumping rope pyramid workout
  • Jump rope and a run
  • Sprinting workout progression
  • Body for life endurance workout
  • Sets, reps, and other questions—tips for creating and modifying your workout

Chapter 5: Next steps
Appendix: Selected exercise descriptions

  • Kettlebell swing
  • Goblet squat
  • Military press
  • Chin up
  • Single arm row
  • Dips
  • The Qualler Salad

Now’s the time to get conscious over your choices and alter them in a way that improves your health and fitness. Taking charge over your health will develop your personal power to accomplish the big things you’ve always dreamed about.

Now’s the time to make big changes. Lose weight, gain strength, and get rid of success-blocking addictions so that you can be a better man, a better dad, and more productive. If you’re ready for that, then click the link below: