The Lean, Healthy, Strong System

What the cult of fitness doesn’t want you to know about health and strength

Like politicians who have lost site of the lives of “common folk,” trainers who live in gyms have lost site of the simple nature of staying in shape.

So they have expensive supplements, complicated workout programs, and time-consuming recommendations that don’t consider what your life is really like.

Did you know…

  • You can be kick ass strong in fewer than 90 minutes per week?
  • That if you develop your fitness conscious, you can be super vital and energetic…without trying?
  • There’s a method of stretching that develops super-strength?

No fancy clothes, no special gym memberships, no young personal trainers who haven’t got a clue what adult life is like…

When you follow this program you can:

  • Never feel tired or rundown again
  • Tackle addictions that have impeded your progress
  • Gain clarity and focus so you can take charge in your life
  • Be proud of who and what you see in the mirror

In 90 minutes or less per week.

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You’re standing on the precipice now. There are two roads ahead of you. The path you’re on and a better superior path of greater health, strength, and even greater finances through clarity of mind and thought. But you’re facing challenges:

Confusion: What should I do to get in shape and how can I improve myself

  • Lack of willpower: Inability to make a firm decision and stick with it
  • Low self confidence: Lack of belief that you can improve, that you can become better, stuck in a rut
  • Addiction: Alcohol, pot, porn, video games, smart phone – things that distract you and keep you from using all your potential to be what you want to be (that nagging feeling you have deep inside about what you really should be doing)
  • Bad information: Complicated fitness industry stuff

All this serves to put you in a spot where you know you should exercise, where you know you should do things to be healthier, but you’re stuck. Or, you’re following some program and it’s not working.

All these can be fixed by a weight training program.

When you start getting in shape and seeing your body change, you realize you can change everything about yourself.

This can be done in the simple 3 day per week program revealed in Lean, Healthy, Strong.

What’s stopping you?

Bruce Lee said “Success is where aimless drifting ceases.”

The lack of control of your mind gets in the way. Doing too many things that drain your power so that you’re not focusing on your mission here on earth. Confusion. Indecision. Starting and stopping.

Commitment can start in your own home gym, your chamber of excellence, where you focus your mind to train your body to be vital healthy and strong.

Make a firm and definite commitment to train three days per week. This decision will build you and bind you to a higher order of being.

Two days with strength building exercises, one with endurance. On top of this, just start walking everyday in the open air and sunshine.

George Hackenschmidt (look him up, impressive dude) said that the principle foods of man are fresh air and sunshine.

It’s true.

Even if you just make a firm and definite commitment to walk, getting in gulpfuls of fresh air, you can make a vast improvement in your health.

Improve your looks without trying

Popular culture has us obsessing over our appearance, but if you follow the simple prescription of targeting a major movement at least one time a week, your muscles, strength, and appearance will take care of themselves.

These are exercises are in the book, with variations that you can do if you can’t do the main exercise. So you can start where you are.

Each movement is explained in detail, with deep explanations of the fundamental movements. The variations come into play if you can’t do the fundamental movement.

Plan your workouts around the fundamental movements and watch your capacity grow–fast.

Renew your mind

That’s where my battle was, has been, and probably always will be. Tap into your mind and develop your willpower using motivation from David Schwartz, habit change techniques from Raja Yoga, and my painful experiences to change your thinking and get better results.

Taking charge of the mind is a huge struggle. Getting worse everyday. Not a day when I don’t see people glued to their smartphone becoming dumber.

They whip it out the second life ceases to be interesting to them and they try to entertain themselves. Gone is any kind deep thinking or reflection or introspection or just plain awareness of life.

A very poor long-term strategy.

Learn to cook…or get your wife to cook better meals

In my experience working with men, a lot don’t know how to cook. Now, I’m a simple chef, but simple is sufficient. And sufficient will get you where you want to be. Don’t make mistakes with food simply because you’re afraid of the stove.

In any case, what you want are meals without sugar and with fresh vegetables. Cooked vegetables and salads. There’s a bunch of meals in this book and fundamental cooking tips for cooking things to make it as easy as possible.

So, if you’re the single guy working to build yourself up so you can attract the opposite sex, you’ll be set in the cooking department.

Develop super strength while stretching

Most people think there is one way of stretching. There’s not. This isometric stretching will rock your world and develop not only outstanding flexibility but extreme range strength that will make you feel like a kid again: springy and pliable.

Learn how to view your week for success

Begin to use a Sunday Planning System where you look at your week and visualize what you are going to do. As you gain more clarity of thought, this time on Sunday evening will change everything about your weeks and your days. You’ll have fewer bad days and more good ones. You’ll be more cheerful. You’ll feel more in control.

You’ll learn to put together simple programs that consistently keep you way stronger than you’ll ever need to be.

    • Never struggle with any physical task you encounter in your daily life–even if it’s well outside the parameters of a typical day
    • Gain awareness of your vital force and direct it to achieve what you want in life

Forget the “lack of time excuse” this program is focused and direct – no wasted effort

And that’s the key. Maybe you don’t exercise because you think there is a large time involvement. There’s not. Or you think you need to do a bunch of complicated exercises. You don’t. Or you think you have to spend hours in the gym. Not the case at all.

90 minutes max per week.

It doesn’t take that much to be kick-ass strong and in shape.

The System

What I’ve done for you: Taken several simple concepts from people like Steve Maxwell, Pavel Tsatsouline, Steve Cotter, Elliot Hulse, and Reg Park and combined them all together in something that is small, simple, and easy-to-follow.

You train with weights two days per week. You pick exercises that fall into major movement patterns. You push yourself enough to get a training effect. Along the way you learn more about your body (greater awareness) and you get stronger and healthier. On the third day you focus more on endurance.

The last element I address in the book is progressions. How you start and how you advance to greater levels at the proper speed. Moving too fast can tear your body down.

Look, I see a lot of people who I know could be stronger and feel better and do more. In this program you’ll find direct and efficient information on how to achieve this.

Get the book, print it out, and read through it all in one sitting. Then go through it again to pick up the key details. Highlight passages that help the most and focus on a few things to change or a few keys that benefit you. Make the changes and let me know about your progress.

Results, guaranteed

Now, hang on!, you might be thinking. I’m not going to spend any money on something at some random site on the Internet.

Fair enough. There’s no risk here. If you don’t find value in 30 days, just let me know I’ll refund your money. Plus, take a look around this site. It’s not like I just put up some random site. I’ve exercised for over 20 years. And have a ton of information on this site and a decent number of YouTubes. I’m a strong and capable home-based exerciser, distilling what I’ve learned from personal instruction from high level strength athletes, books, and personal practice into a small book targeted help you learn an efficient method of health and strength.

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