Keep your body like that of an athlete—I can show you how

If you’re looking to lose weight, get ridiculously strong, athletic, inspire your kids, have plenty of energy, and get a PEP back in your step, you’re in the right spot.

My name is Justin Qualler and I’ve been exercising in my home gym since 1994. Over that time, I’ve figured out a way to have fun, stay strong, flexible and athletic, and have plenty of energy…all from the comfort of my own home—and without ridiculous effort.

And I can teach you how to do it, too.

First of all, we need to address fundamentals. These are things if you do it’ll elevate your strength and health right away:

  • Fresh air and sunshine
  • Clean diet, pure water
  • Walking
  • Rest and relaxation
  • Posture and fundamentals

There’s some details in this list but even if you just decided from here on out to walk every morning in the fresh air, you’d change your health and strength.

You’d look better.

You’d feel better.

Most people think you need complicated programs and gyms to get into shape. It’s not true.

In the Lean, Healthy, and Strong System, I’ve collected bits of essential wisdom that will:

  • Change your thoughts so that doing the right thing becomes natural
  • Give you the most effective physical training information
  • Provide simple diet advice that anyone can follow
  • Give you next steps (like workouts) to get you started immediately

Too many people are getting turned off by fitness. It’s too confusing. Too many options.

And it’s too extreme. Too much.

How much time do you need to spend to get a 2x improvement in your ability to run your daily affairs?


You just need to make simple improvements that have BIG impact. Here’s some things you’ll discover when you read Lean, Healthy, and Strong:

  • Discover the #1 thought failure disease that holds everyone back—but some more than others (pg. 9)
  • Learn about your imagination and how you can get it to work for you and not against you (pg 11)
  • Find out how you can use the 3×5 index card method to reprogram your mind like Arnold Schwarzeneggar (pg. 11)
  • Apply the underground sports psychology book “attraction/repulsion” technique to your worst habits and watch them change (pg. 12)
  • Adopt the key attitude required to make a change program successful and watch your progress soar (pg. 13)
  • Transform yourself from the inside out with these five key powerful habits (pg. 13)
  • The strange and important self-control ‘trick’ that leads to increased creativity (you’ll like this one) (pg. 15)
  • Nearly extinct posture improvement instructions that will change your entire approach towards posture…for the good! (pg. 17)
  • The important benefits of exercises where it takes time to see results (pg. 18)
  • The 60 minute 20/20/20 morning routine technique for max productivity and an AWESOME start to the day (pg. 18)
  • Learn the key movements and substitutions for making sure your weight training is hitting every muscle of your body effectively (pg. 20)
  • Feel every muscle in your body with tuning exercises that deepen your body awareness and increase your strength (even when you use light weights) (pg. 21)
  • Ensure that you can safely train by keeping these three Steve Maxwell inspired details in mind while training (pg. 21-22)
  • Learn to exploit your cardio to acquire this important mental feature that sets you up for success (pg. 22)
  • How isometric stretching can make you super strong and how to do this awesome method (pg. 23)
  • This strange concentration technique is easy to do and can improve your focus and productivity (pg. 25)
  • What 3 things to avoid eating and what to replace them with for max vitality in the most simple way (pg. 26)
  • Learn how eating uses your “nerve energy” and can sap your vitality and what is toxemia (pg. 27)
  • Super simple and straightforward cooking tips that can turn the clumsiest kitchen dude into a pro (pg. 32-33)
  • Manage your kitchen and make it serve you (pg. 33)
  • Workouts for wiry strength, general strength, improving athleticism, and developing stamina (pg. 34-39)
  • 7 methods of developing endurance that make it easy to exercise any time any where (pg. 40)
  • Why little exercises are super useful for the full package of strength and you’ll never feel good without them (pg. 44)

Who am I and why am I doing this?

Fitness has always been a side hobby for me.

At one point you’d find me in the local parks teaching kettlebells and doing classes with all the certifications and seminars and workshops under my belt.

But I’m a corporate dude now, and I’ve been an “office worker” for nearly two decades.

By not being in the fitness biz, I can identify with you and your challenges.

I can tell you that I can do nearly any physical task I have to and my body feels great—and I don’t spend a ton of time maintaining it.

That’s what I want for you. It’s a real shame the way fitness and health is made to seem elusive. It’s not.

Here’s a tip I learned from Steve Maxwell (who learned it from a gym teacher): See how little exercise you can do to get the results you want.

Develop incredible strength and coordination like an athlete

It doesn’t take much at all to get strong. In fact, if you squeezed some Iron Mind hand grippers with full intention, drawing power up from the ground up, you’d develop muscles all over your body and get stronger.

If you balanced on one foot for a minute 3 times a week, you’d feel more stable and athletic.

And if you walked everyday and breathed in fresh outdoor air while you did it, you’d increase your vitality.

And if you really want major body awareness, throw in some isometric and dynamic stretching.

These things wouldn’t take much time at all. And you could just wrap them into your daily life and have a fitness program set on auto-pilot.

Review it every now and then and you’d be good.

Cut down on some of your sugar intake at the same time? Wow. You’ll be accelerating.

None of these suggestions require an advanced science degree.

By the way, the key to strength is full functional movements (which are discussed in detail) combined with “tuning” exercises.

Add in some running and sprinting and jumping rope and suddenly you’re spry and pliable.

You can dial this down or up to your liking.

See what’s happening here?

A little bit goes a long way, and you can add a little bit more to go even farther. But not too much!

Even a morning routine 6 days a week that alternates among breathing exercises, dynamic stretching, and kung fu stances can completely transform you.

Add in some weights for the strength, of course.

As Bernarr MacFadden would say, Weakness is a crime.

Fitness failure and what to do about it

I had to crash my car and have multiple other problems before I gave up the drink. Change does take time.

But there are keys to doing it faster.

And one of those keys is from a secret Arnold Schwarzeneggar knew about.

Your vision.

Spend enough time here and get clear, and you’ll figure out a way to change your exercise and diet.

You can do this yourself. Now. For free.

Wake up a bit earlier and start journaling. How do you see yourself? What do you want?

Write down the things that inspire you on 3×5 cards.

Review those cards daily. Frequently throughout the day.

Your thought patterns will change. Actions towards your goals will be easier and more automatic.

This takes work, but work of a mental sort. It’s incredibly effective.

The best way to change is from the inside out.

Without this type of work, change is difficult and doesn’t last.

Perhaps you’ve already experienced that and that’s why you’re here.

Pre-selected workouts in the Lean, Healthy, Strong System

While there’s plenty of workouts to keep you busy, I recommend starting with the basic barbell workout and really dialing it in.

Just owning it. Awesome form, not trying to continually add weights. Just nailing it maybe for two six week sessions.

Then try some other workouts. Like the kettlebell workout or the wiry strength workout.

All these workouts are solid. You’ll get full body development. Strength and stamina in all the right places.

Each workout serves a different purpose. Some for endurance, others for strength, others for strength and some bulk.

You will not read Lean, Healthy, Strong, and then be confused as to what to do next.

Warnings for Lazy People

You have to put in the work. And there is work in this program, for sure. Mental, physical, and spiritual work.

You’ll even have to get out a pen and paper.

But once you establish daily disciplines and learn that success means just doing a few key things the right way…you’ll be on your way.

I believe that with these daily disciplines, you can transform yourself. Just by making each day better, you make the weeks and months better automatically.

Make the change manageable for yourself.

If the vision isn’t correct, you’ll waste time and spin your wheels.

Steve Jobs said if he didn’t have a vision, he’d be a busboy until he did.

If you’ve tried to change and failed, it’s likely because you didn’t do this groundwork…groundwork that I had to do to overcome my alcohol addiction.

Groundwork that you’ll need to do to stay consistently lean, healthy, and strong.

More useful stuff:

  • Learn to cook…or convince your wife to cook better meals

How simple meals can be sufficient and nutritious. Change your eating to support your brain and body

(If you’re the single guy working to build yourself up so you can attract the opposite sex, you’ll be set in the cooking department.)

  • Develop super strength while stretching

Most people think there is one way of stretching. There’s not. This isometric stretching will rock your world and develop not only outstanding flexibility but extreme range strength that will make you feel like a kid again: springy and pliable.

  • Learn how to view your week for success

Use a Sunday Planning System where you look at your week and visualize what you are going to do. As you gain more clarity of thought, this time on Sunday evening will change everything about your weeks and your days. You’ll have fewer bad days and more good ones. You’ll be more cheerful. You’ll feel more in control.

  • Discover how to put together simple programs that consistently keep you way stronger than you’ll ever need to be.

Never struggle with any physical task you encounter in your daily life–even if it’s well outside the parameters of a typical day

  • Forget the “lack of time excuse.” This program is focused and direct – no wasted effort

Maybe you don’t exercise because you think there is a large time involvement. There’s not.

It doesn’t take that much to be
kick-ass strong and in shape
(When you’re doing the right stuff)

What’s your vision?

You’ve read this far.

What is next for you?

Are you ready and willing to make a change?

To get those six pack abs? To impress your wife and kids? To impress your girlfriend?

To feel more confident? More self-assured?

Look, when you start doing the right things…when you start feeling that self-control…you’ll develop a personal power.

And a personal power means that people will begin to treat you differently, more respect, better listening…deference.

It also means you’ll be able to tackle bigger and bigger challenges.

That’s the power of a mind-focused exercise program like Lean, Healthy, Strong.

Focus on the vision, dial it in, and the results will begin taking care of themselves.

A bunch of bonuses when you buy

When you buy, you’ll get an email with a download link for the main program.

But in that email, there’s also a link to a password protected resources page.

On this page you’ll get a bunch of bonuses:

  • A sample tracking spreadsheet where you can begin to track your habits. Everything that is watched and measured improves—give that spreadsheet a try and you’ll notice a change.
  • The attraction/repulsion handout from my speaking days. It’s a worksheet that you fill out to work on eliminating a particular vice. Drinking, for example. It’s super-powerful if you take it seriously.
  • And because I really want you to change…because I feel that so much of what is preventing people from changing is in the MIND…I’m also giving away the first edition of Battle of Mind when you buy Lean, Healthy, and Strong.

Money back refund

You’ll succeed if you follow the program. But if you are unsatisfied, write me a note within 60 days to let me know and I will refund your purchase.

Take charge of your health and strength.

Take charge of your life direction.

Yours in Health and Strength,

Justin Qualler

P.S. Do you know that William Muldoon could jump over a chair when he was over 80 years old? His program was one of simplicity which first targeted the mind. Once you understand this, the keys to the fitness, health, and productivity Kingdom are YOURS!

P.P.S. Do you have a vision of where you’ll be in 1, 3, 5 or 10 years? Most people overestimate the 1 year vision and underestimate the 10 year. But if you don’t have one…where are you going?