Got some Chris Caracci in my head. Former Navy Seal. He had these exercise tapes (yeah VHS) that just kicked your ass.

Caracci was always big on basics. Not having excuses. You don’t need any kind of fancy gym, special equipment, or clothes.

He definitely didn’t overcomplicate it. He always stretched as part of his workouts.

Anyway, he inspired this video here where I talk about Caracci and also the hands, feet, and legs.

If you’re looking to develop strong hands, the kettlebell really can’t be beat.

Strong feet, I’d say Jowett feet and calf exercises.

For the legs? Well I think the single biggest thing anyone can do is to make sure you have a walking habit. Not just counting steps, but go for legitimate walks of a mile or more.

Specific training for legs? Squats for sure, but also isometric stretches and holds. You want to get the mobility in there.

Hey, being able to throw a side kick might come in handy some day.