A great way to get energized immediately in the morning is to develop a morning recharge. Something that gets you going for the day. Something physical that gets you moving. In fact, your morning recharge can lead right into your exercise, and then your exercise for the day is accomplished.

Here are some things I recommend:

After any of these you can get going with your day. But if you’ve elected some of the less time-consuming recharges (i.e. not walking) then you might have some time to exercise. Do it!

I have a nice calisthenic routine going in the morning which I just wrote about out in a basic bodyweight routine post.

The point of all this is to make you feel alive! To put a spring in your step! To prevent decrepitude for the duration of your stay on earth.

Get the morning started right, and recharge yourself with some physical exercise.

P.S. The morning recharge is different than the morning routine.