A day begun [hastily], on the plane of self-indulgence, will continue on that plane. Weakness in little things is a moral gangrene, which slowly destroys the will. – William Muldoon

If you really want to get your exercise in, and a healthy start to the day, begin first thing in the morning.

The morning is a renewal. You’ve restored yourself through sleep, and in the morning the entire day is in front of you. You can choose which plane you begin on: are you going to take care of yourself or not?

I try to take an hour just for myself in the morning. I get up early so I don’t have to rush. I do calisthenics and other exercises to work on my posture and develop my muscles and flexibility. I read. I meditate.

Coffee Time

I interviewed Gene and Virginia, a couple in their 80’s who have done some amazing things, and they told me about their “Coffee with Christ.” Every morning they would read the Bible or something spiritual—and have coffee.

It’s a great routine. Many mornings I read something by Emmet Fox from his Power Through Constructive Thinkingir?t=wormanfit 20&l=as2&o=1&a=0061735183 - The Morning Routine book. This book is full of improved thought patterns and makes you aware of your negative ones.

I also do my writing during this time, frequently starting on my laptop then continuing later on my phone. (Yes, some of these writings were typed on a smartphone.)


I usually meditate or contemplate my day while two cups of coffee brew (one for me and my wife). I like to do either a standing meditation I learned from Steve Cotter and a book called The Way of Energyir?t=wormanfit 20&l=as2&o=1&a=0671736450 - The Morning Routine, or a seated meditation I learned from a book called Keys to Higher Consciousnessir?t=wormanfit 20&l=as2&o=1&a=0962384003 - The Morning Routine.

Physical Exercise

The morning is great for joint mobility and the stuff I’m doing right now, baby crawling patterns. Bodyweight push ups, squats, dive bombers, and pull ups are other exercises I am doing.

For all my exercises now I’m treating them as breathing exercises. I pay complete attention to my breath and the movement follows the breath. Steve Maxwell turned me onto this idea when I was paying for his online training, and then I read the book Let Every Breath. I’m sold.

Breathing is life. Check out the Systema Breathing synopses I wrote up and start practicing.


Now that it is getting closer to summer, my tastes are craving fruit and lately I’ve introduced fruit topped with plain no BS sugar added yogurt. On those days I’ll have a protein/nutrition shake. Otherwise I’m having toast with coconut oil, honey, and peanut butter that I learned about from Nick Lynch. It’s super-tasty, and the raw honey I’m using eliminates sugar cravings. On toast days, I have a smoothie with kale, celery, apple, and lime.

I eat less on days I am not training as hard.


This is my near-daily routine which fluctuates slightly on the weekend. I know if I am doing this routine I am off to a good if not great start to the day. Sometimes, I get sucked into writing and use up more time. Like today.

To stay consistent, I create a spreadsheet which lists what I intend to do and how I intend to eat. This is just basic stuff, that’s simple to implement and helps keep me on track.

Come up with a good morning routine and follow it, and ride it easily into health and strength.