You only need to review the following points about self discipline and realize that it is one of the most fundamental necessary attributes to possess:

“Most human problems seem to be tied to self-control. Whether you’re jealous, afraid, timid, or drink too much, the common link seems to be an absence of self-control.”
Lev Albert, Soviet chess champion as quoted in Red Gold.

“What had Muldoon learned which the average man can apply in his own life? His recipe may be put in one word–self-control. We know pretty definitely what we ought to do. Doctors have laid down the fundamental rules of diet, exercise, work, recreation–all the principles of right living. The trouble is, we don’t follow them. Health is ours, to have and to keep, if we wil have the mental and moral backbone to stand up and take it.”
He Brought Them Back to Health, The American Magazine, M.K. Wishart

“Self-discipline: It has been truthfully said that no man can direct others efficiently until he has learned to direct himself. By this term is meant that one must be free from greed, selfishness, avarice, and egotism.”
The Law of Success, Napoleon Hill.

It is one of our falling points as a culture. Collectively, we have no self discipline, and, in fact, our culture encourages and rewards just the opposite: Indiscipline.

It’s effects are everywhere. In the meeting where people cannot focus on the task at hand. On your desktop when you get a notification and you can’t resist the urge to click it, breaking whatever concentration you had. When you have another drink even though you know you shouldn’t.

Self discipline comes in many forms. It’s the ability to resist feeling anger and instead remain cool and collected. It’s the ability to purge unproductive thoughts from your mind. It’s the ability to stick to unpleasant tasks over the course of time.

Self discipline is the ability to turn thoughts about work off when you need to be with your spouse or your family. It’s the ability to remain present and not let your mind wonder.

Self discipline lets you confront someone who has done something inappropriate. It’s the ability to stick to your morals even in the most tempting of situations. Self discipline allows you to choose your response to any situation, without letting emotion cloud your judgement. Or, choosing to display your emotion when the situation calls for it.

Self discipline keeps you from drinking too much coffee, eating too much sugar, and getting unhealthy through additional weight gain and insufficient nutrition.

Self discipline lets you conduct your life in an orderly fashion. It means that you’ll do things when you say you’ll do them, without fail. You’ll keep promises. People will count on you.

Self discipline lets you pick an objective and stick with it, in unwavering focus.

Self discipline is totally in your control. You make the choice. That’s what makes it so hard. There’s no doubt the more areas in your life that you can show restraint, the better person you’ll be.

Why don’t we all do it?