In the 1990s, Pavel Tsatsouline infiltrated the US to introduce the kettlebell in an evil plot to…

Make America Strong Again!

And therein came the divide between the haves and the have nots. Those who got ridiculously strong and those who floundered and blamed their age, genetics, peer group and anyone but themselves for their problems.

Oh, it all sounds so familiar.

Fitness inequality.

You work out, and I’ll take some of your muscle and…

All right. Enough. But there are a lot of lessons to be learned from hard work in the gym and in the kitchen. And a big one is there is no something for nothing.

Although some people are more blessed in the genetic department. Good for them, I say.

Anyway, one of the simplest tools I know of is the kettlebell. For most fitness applications it’s just fantastic. Especially the swing.

Now hear this: You get proficient at the swing you’ll develop your lungs and your posterior chain. You can develop your grip and your abs. All from one exercise.

You might throw in a press. And a pull up. And a full squat wouldn’t hurt. But really, just the swing can be the thing.

Think of it on a scale. You take the swing and develop good capability and do different things, including hand to hand tosses and flips, and you’ll be pretty solid. Great ROI.

If walking is the bare minimum for activity, the swing is the bare minimum for lifting weights. And if you haven’t done this one, and you’re not deadlifting…you’re leaving a lot of potential strength on the table.

A final thing. My grip strength went through the roof when I started doing the kettlebell. And that is so important. Grip and abs. Makes all the difference.

So, I never want you to think that there isn’t enough time to look awesome. Just the swing is enough, assuming you get your diet in order.

Justin Qualler

P.S. I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about concentration, but I’m telling you, I’m getting more progress from six reps of various exercises than I have similar exercises for 30 reps. The difference is concentration. There is huge power here. You might experiment with this. Do less, but make an effort to focus exclusively on what you’re doing while imagining the results you expect to attain.

P.P.S. The Russian Asset, Pavel Tsatsouline, would approve of Continually Fit as it relies on the kettlebell to make you strong again.