The Way to Live—it’s a book. I’m not becoming a guru and preaching from on high. The guy who wrote the book, George Hackenschmidt, lived to be 90 years old.

Hackenschmidt lived a most unusual and colorful life. He’s travelled the world, known intimately presidents and kings. Well educated, in later years he became a writer and lecturer on philosophy.

He was a physical culturalist with a head on his shoulders. Among other things he’s said:

  • “The principal food for man is pure air.” I don’t think he was stipulating recirculated office air. Likely, he meant the kind of pure air, inhaled with deep breaths, that you might find in rural areas where you can still clearly see all the stars at night, assuming a clear night sky.
  • “Vegetables form the ideal human food.” He probably wouldn’t count French fries as vegetables.
  • “Without concentration of thought, you are courting failure. How many people are there who are, so to speak, the shuttlecock of their thoughts?” He probably wouldn’t like how Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds, television, YouTube, and list blog posts have dulled our attentions spans.

For any smokers out there, George says, “The consumption of tobacco is the most useless vice which exists.”

During a brief foray of Internet research, I learned that when he was 80 he could still jump over a chair for 20 reps. Who knows if that is true, but if I can contribute to his lore with un-sourced statement, more power to me!

When it’s not 77 and beautiful outside, I’ll write a little more about the training he recommends. Like the training I recommend, it’s simple and easy to do. The key thing? Consistency.