Over last weekend the servers on which the application that our team has spent the last 2 years developing crashed. Major IT infrastructure failure. 7 days laters things still aren’t right. If’s fucked with my head, no doubt. It’s a big deal and we have people relying on our application – somewhat critical.

It does make me think, could I respond to this in a way without being stressed? At times I’m more calm about it than others, but there is this low lying agitation that makes me shorter. A little less patient. Less control over what I put into my mouth and what comes out of my mouth.

Thoughts I thought were under control coming back. Defenses down.

Could I react differently? Could it just be an event I experience as neither good nor bad? Just something that is? Well, it should be—but maybe not yet in my personal evolution.

Great workout today. Body is still buzzing.

  • Did my usual alternating swings with the 16kg kettlebell (about 40-50 reps) – deep
  • Overhead full squats on my toes, holding an empty broomstick in my hand. Alan Calvert (whom I recently wrote about in my newsletter, recommended this exercise – said basically that you must do it – man, it felt powerful!)
  • Dips
  • Chins
  • Curls

Everything was 5×5 except the curls, just did one set of 8. I didn’t do curls for the longest time but since having kids bicep strength is super practical. You’re always holding them or all the stuff that needs to come along with them.

Every morning I’ve been doing Paramahansa Yogananda’s energization exercises. More about that in a future post or video, but this is having quite an effect in a lot of ways. Strong stuff.

Also been doing a lot of walking, too. Especially hills. I have a great route in my neighborhood. Super beneficial for the feet and calves to walk up a good hill. Jack Jalanne said to swing your arms vigorously when you walk. That has made a huge difference. Side note: there is a woman in my neighborhood who walks with an exaggerated arm swing. She’s so coordinated it looks beautiful – just smooth. Watching her, and now practicing it, I see how beneficial incorporating an exaggerated arm swing is.