That subject makes it sound worse than it really was. I mean, what are you thinking right now? What do you think happened?

I’ll tell you. Here’s the sordid truth. A confession if you will.

I drank a third glass of wine and wasted about 30 minutes watching random YouTube videos. Hey, it was a Friday night.

Thing is, I felt really terrible. I know better. And the drink made me unconscious. As you gain more awareness of the Self, you have a greater awareness of how even small infractions can really destabilize you. I knew I was sinning.

There’s the place you want to go in life, and then there are things that get in the way. I talk about this in Lean, Healthy, Strong. We are really our own worse enemies. And we have to constantly watch ourselves.

I wasn’t paying attention on Friday night.

This confession I’m doing makes me think of this Darren Hardy video I was watching yesterday.

If you don’t know Darren, he’s a really successful dude, and trusted advisor to a lot of CEOs and a lot of other folks as well. It’s his honesty that inspired mine. He mentioned how he has failed as a man and gave specific examples.

It’s a good series of videos and I’m a fan of Darren. He was mentored by Jim Rohn—another great in the personal success biz.

Anyway, Darren does a lot of stuff at no charge to us. So it is with this “Better Man” series he put together.

If you’re looking for how to be a better man in the community, at home, and at work, Darren has three videos just for you. It’s good stuff. You’ll need to block out about 90 minutes to watch it, but it’s worth it.


P.S. If you watch Darren’s videos, drop me a line and let me know your thoughts. I’d love to engage with you.