That’s the message in the media today.

The numbers going up! Up, Up, Up!

I’m not afraid of the virus.

I’m afraid of the shutdown and the inevitable piles of debt no one is ever going to be able to pay off.

What then?

April is going to be a key month.

Are you ready?

Cast all this virus and sickness and quarantine talk aside for a moment.

What should you really be doing?

What is your calling?

Steve Jobs said that he’d be a BUS BOY until he figured out what he wanted to do.

Here is what I want you to do.

No – it’s not buy the Jowett program. Well, it wouldn’t hurt but…

Take 10-20 minutes each morning. Set a timer. Write. My ideal day looks like…

And maybe even focus on the inner state.

My ideal inner state feels like…

Because as this has shown, if governments want to shut down a 1/3 of the economy, they can.

That’s why goals should focus on things you can control.

Can’t control how much weight you lose, but you can control whether you add sugar and cream to your daily 3 cups of coffee.

Know what I mean?

Set a strong vision of emerging from this quarantine with clarity…and set an intention for the world and for our leaders to handle this effectively

And not introduce draconian new big government type intrusions

Know your neighbor, get more local

Go deeper within


Express your love daily

And check out this YouTube for how to feel Bruce Lee strong with Isometrics: