I wasn’t watching the game—I was out sledding with my kids. But I certainly did hear about.

Now, many people are thinning, aw man, not again. But I was thinking, oh man! I hope he does it again!

Because Tom Brady is a disciplined SOB.

“I don’t drink coffee because it dehydrates me” and that would impact my sport.

Same with alcohol.

Same with all his choices. This is inflammatory—forget it.

He’s a professional athlete, a quarterback, and his body and mind are what keeps him there.

In fact, speaking of the mind, the 12th principle of his training method is: “Brain rest, reentering, and recovery. “Recovery via sleep, meditation (or other balancing techniques that encourage the right mind-set) and recovery innovations such as tech-enabled sleep wear.”

Let’s key in on mind-set.

“As long as I play pro football, I’ll be as disciplined as possible.”

He says at some point it may relax, but maybe not because it is so ingrained. I hope he doesn’t. It’s very inspirational.

Replace “as long as I play pro football” with what you do. Why not?

As long as I’m a father, I’ll be as discipled as possible to set a good example.

You look around and you see people with perverted bodies and perverted mind-sets.

The two go hand in hand. You can’t transgress the laws without consequences.

You need some principles, too. A “This is how I conduct my life” philosophy that doesn’t change—or if it does change, it does so for good reason.

This type of thing can take a bit to develop because of some internal dialogue like “why do I have to be so disciplined” or whatever.

But that’s where the reason comes in. Tom Brady’s is because he plays pro football. What’s yours?

Justin Qualler

P.S. The >TB12 Method is a pretty good place to start learning about Tom Brady’s peak peak performance plan.

P.P.S. It’s interesting reading the one star reviews on this product. A lot of victims complaining about Tom’s situation and their own lack of money. They are completely missing the details on mindset.