Victor Herman was imprisoned in Soviet work camps.

He never figured out the reason, but most likely it was because the one person in government who was a big fan, turned out to be a communist conspirator.

I guess that’s a common downfall among men who collect too much power in that particular system of government.

They disappear…or get charged with corruption.

Anyway, Victor had in mind a goal: Return to America.

And what he endured en route to realizing that goal was so much that by the time I finished reading the book, I got sick and vomited.

Can you imagine being placed in a dark room, hearing humans moving all around you, having a light periodically flash on you, and then getting beaten with a stick? And when you pass out from pain, getting burned so that you wake up again?

It’s all what you focus on, I guess. Some men would find that treatment crippling and end up giving up the will to live.

All the stuff going on can begin to consume you…you can burn out the news feed. You can pelt your mind and thoughts with negativity.

Or you can look away and turn on channel P…your own positive channel.

Even with the kids whining about your crappy breakfast, you can be floating on cloud 9 grateful for their health and lung capacity. Nah, nah, you weren’t disturb my peace of mind!

And if you’re Victor Hermann, even while you’re in Siberia eating frozen rats to stay alive, the dream of America can burn in your bosom and lift your spirits.

There’s some real power there, with how Victor focused his mind. Do you have something similar that burns in you so deeply?

Anyway, that’s the lesson that physical training can give you—build it in your mind, see it come to fruition on your body.

Some of that kind of stuff you’ll find in Lean, Healthy, Strong. At the very least there’s a mental training session that is very helpful to follow at regular intervals and do the work.

The Lean, Healthy, Strong System