I always evaluate my strength after a visit to the airport. How did I hold up? It takes me back to the concept of the threshold of pain I first learned about in Red Gold:

What does it take to really agitate you? What makes you cripple over and mentally wilt? Whatever it is, it is at an established level which can be altered by paying attention, recognizing what it is that is setting you off (locate the thoughts) and then work to alter them. You will gradually increase your ability to handle increased stress and pressure.

We can be a prince of peace sitting on throne of poise directing our kingdom of activity or we can be a mental mess – agitated, under stress, and out of control.

And man, if that kind of stuff is going on in your head, something equivalent is happening to your body as well.

I’m much more into the mental side lately, but really haven’t put too much pen to paper about it. I can tell people are interested though because some of my articles on meditation and introspection are getting more popular.

Part of the mental side deals with the nervous system. I mean, control over that system means you can control your body better and man, isometrics really give you that control.

If you read Steve Justa’s take on isometrics in Rock, Iron, Steel – where he basically says that he felt like a machine when he was doing isometrics—super strong—you’ll be more motivated than ever to focus on this type of exercise.

You can’t really describe all the stuff you can do with isometrics, so I’m putting a quick video here:

Bam – this gives you incredible body awareness. It’s like feeding your nervous system and helping it gain more control over your body and muscles. It’s instant body awareness and even after a few sessions you’ll start to feel like a machine. It’s something I dip into periodically — especially when I feel that some part of my body needs some nerve practice. Yeah—that’s what it is: nerve practice, conditioning your mind to use your body better and more effectively.

I have been bitten by the isometric bug again and also the hand gripper bug. I’m still doing a few full body moves like swings and cleans and making sure to get in a daily walk. It’s a nice shake up to the program and I’m feeling great.