This week I’ve been writing about this on my newsletter. The fact that you should really be striving to less but more effectively.

Darren Hardy says that “busyness = laziness” and he has a point. A lot of people are mistaking being busy for achieving outcomes.

At work this happens by people doing routine tasks and instead of figuring out how to systematize them and reduce the amount of time it takes, they just do them. Small example, but you get the idea. It’s something to be on the lookout for.

It can be the same in the gym. With weights it can take the form of “going through the motions” rather than focusing and concentrating.

How to get the most from the training you do

This is the question we have to answer. Training movements is a key consideration. Not thinking about the muscles, but focusing intently on performing movements that target important muscles. Some of the most important muscles are the ones that run along the side of the spine. You can train these with light weights and the exercises I’m about to show you in this YouTube are fantastic:

With exercises like this and big time focus and concentration, proper breathing, and good form, you can easily train fewer than two hours per week and get great results.

If you’re interested in a definition of what great results are, check out the bullet points in the Jowett course and read through the other benefits on that page. You can also just go to my YouTube channel and check out the playlist.

Eating right for appearance and health

This can be a big subject but I’m going to tackle it quickly. Look at what Tilden writes about this subject. In general, don’t overeat, don’t eat frequent meals, and watch your food combinations. Bread and meat, for example is a poor food combination according to Tilden. That rules out pizza and hamburgers. In fact, a burger patty on top of a salad tastes pretty good, and vegetarian pizza is pretty decent, too. Some of this stuff is refining your tastes.

Then there is CAS free. Caffeine, alcohol, and sugar. Look, these are struggles for most. Getting free of these things is a long putt, but reducing is possible. And you should. Just watch it. Try to do a dessert per week, and avoid condiments that have sugar. Alcohol? Do it once per week, or every two weeks. Enjoy it more. Make it more celebratory.

Just ideas here.

Some daily habits you must adopt

Walking. You can’t be sitting all day long. A walk purifies the blood and is super-important. Also, start eating salad. Get used to having it without dressing or anything if you have to. It makes it easier to get it into your system. But getting enough greens and veggies is really important.

Also, check out this “evening routine” video I did. While the morning routine is great, so is an evening routine, especially when you through in the Introspection exercise.

(I like when I get an awkward freeze frame!)

A direct answer to the question above

With the right exercise and diet, you can train fewer than 2 hours per week and have a phenomenal body that turns heads in a few months. This all depends on how far you’ve let yourself go, but looking around the average man I see has about 20-40 extra pounds. Adopting some simple habits you can change course really quickly. And if you’re serious about that, I recommend the Jowett course.

A big part of looking awesome is having good posture. A big part of feeling strong is having strong ligaments and tendons and the capacity to perform full squats and other things.

Those things can happen through a few daily disciplines and using the information provided above.