I get a lot of stuff in my inbox that talks about how bad it is working for a corporation and how we should be doing our own thing. That’s great, except when it comes to doing really big stuff where it takes a lot of people working together. The model exists for a reason.

It’s a little disingenuous if you ask me. Most of these people say how you have a bad boss and don’t have any control and on and on. But I wonder how many of them have actually worked in a corporation? Or are they just picking on the old corporation so they can sell their entrepreneurial stuff? I think it’s more of the latter.

Frankly, it’s a bad attitude to have. It can be toxic. You adopt this anti-corporation attitude while you work in the corporation and your attitude will suffer. If your attitude suffers, you suffer everywhere. No – nothing wrong with the corporation. Only something wrong with working in a corporation where you’re not trying to grow yourself and improve.

And from what I see, there is a still a lot of room for growth in the corporation. One area? Focus. This is dangerous. I see deep focus being lost and I see poor concentration in meetings. Two areas of growth for the mental side. Deep focus is lost to having the smart phone around or too much email checking or not having a plan of attack for the day with deadlines and goals. Concentration in meetings is just something that takes willpower and discipline. To paraphrase Jim Rohn, to get through the meeting, get from the meeting.