Where I’m at

InjuriesAndImpact.001 - Where I'm at

The other day I thought I’d take a picture of where I’m at. At least in terms of appearance of my upper body.

The camera is a funny thing because captured still in time is different than looking in the mirror and immediately all my injuries were apparent.

Shows me places that I need to work on.

It also shows me places of my physique which might be underdeveloped.

And it also shows me the effect of various injuries. Helps me keep it real.

I suggest you do the same. Take a picture. Get an account.

Lock it in to your memory.

I’m all about self-awareness. Nothing happens if you’re not aware.

And nothing happens if you’re not inserting yourself out there into the world.

Here’s a lesson. There is a Steve Jobs video where he says everything around you was designed by someone no smarter than you. The minute you realize that that you can push on life and make an impact, everything changes.

Tell you what: One place I want to make an impact is helping you remove obstacles that are in the way.

What’s holding you back?