I knew this guy. Smart guy. Capable across the spectrum – whether with computers or cars or plumbing or electrical. Seemed to know it all. Dead now. He thought he was going to die young and destroyed his life, running himself into the grave, primarily with alcohol.

He could have changed, but in the end he went too far.

Some people—perhaps someone reading this right now—are on destructive paths leading them to an earlier grave and, let’s be honest, ruining their present life, too. And maybe the lives of those around them.

The quickest path to change is through your thoughts. Watching them, observing them. Slowing down and actually paying attention.

Ask yourself:

  • Are your thoughts generally positive or generally negative?
  • Are you overweight and out of shape and struggling?
  • Which direction is the slope of your life heading? Toward self mastery or self loathing…
  • Do you have a goal that is written down that you are pursuing?

Jim Rohn had a saying: “In 10 years you will surely arrive, but where?” That really gets me thinking. But 10 years is a long time. How about one? How much can you change in one year?

One way to get started is to pick up the Lean, Healthy, Strong System, where I write in the “Change begins in the mind” section about the correct application of willpower and thought and how to use it to compel change.

Not to mention a bunch of exercise and eating advice.

More than ever this world needs men who are strong and free. Are you up for the challenge to make this your best year ever?


P.S. Take some time today to take a close look at your life. Then consider where you want to be in ONE YEAR. Not what you think you can have, but what you truly want. Why not make that happen? Check out the Lean, Healthy, Strong System and begin your #OneYearTransformationChallenge