De we agree that Steve Jobs was a pretty interesting man? Think about what he accomplished.

An interesting fact about Steve is that he read Autobiography of Yogi every year. AND – he had this book given away at his funeral, too.


Why did Steve spend so much time on this book?

This is just a guess, but having read the book myself and gone through the over 150 lessons that you can subscribe to, I think I know the reason.

See, this is something that messes all of us up.

Something that once you know about it, you see that most other people don’t know about it, and don’t do it properly.

Most people don’t know how to think. Throughout my reading and my experience, I’ve learned that most people live on a sort of automatic pilot.

This causes us to merely recreate what we’ve been exposed to environmentally or through heredity. Nature and nature.

It seems that Steve and other men of accomplishment have overcome this. Can you?

Can you begin to get awareness of your thinking and see what is going on inside? What kind of thoughts you’re thinking? How they are affecting you? Changing your thoughts to be better?

Of course you can. Consider that you can be in a vastly different place a year from now if you begin to take on this challenging, meaningful work.

Most of the things people do are a form of escapism or stimulation. If you can overcome this need, if you can stop sabotaging yourself, you can make huge progress just in the scope of a year.

Are you up for the #OneYearTransformationChallenge?

Perhaps starting out by checking out the book read by Steve Jobs every year would be a good thing to do: Autobiography of a Yogi (Reprint of the Philosophical library 1946 First Edition)