I was talking to someone I’d known in my twenties but hadn’t kept up with. He asked me if I was still training. I told him i was but that it was different. I had dad strength.

It’s hard to support the level of training that I would require to stay big and strong. I can just be content with strong. Strong enough for throwing my kids in the air and carrying them both and stuff like that.

There is also the risk vs. reward equation. Lifting heavy increases risk, and there is little reward. If I mess up my body, then what? Who helps around the house?

There is a certain coolness factor to strength, but there is more coolness to vitality and the ability to keep going and stay positive and in command of your emotions.

Capability is the most important thing. Energy. Strength? I’m rarely limited in daily life by the amount of strength I have.

Here are some workouts I like:

  1. Curl and press
  2. Pull up
  3. Squat
  4. Snatch

Another one:

Long walk, fluid movement with calm mind

And another one:

  1. Hindu push up
  2. Hindu squat

For sets and reps I have increased my reps lately from 5 to 8-10 for most exercises. Of course, for the Hindu Squats and Push Ups, it’s more. 20 or 30. Sets vary from 2 – 5. I’m giving my joints a break from heavy weights and going for more of a pump. Things change over time.

The time question: People always lament they don’t have time. Such a “victim” excuse, like you’re the only one whose schedule doesn’t let you exercise. Recently I had a great pull up workout while my kids ate breakfast. I took my portable pull up bar, set the kids up outside with a small table, and cranked out sets of pull ups. It was great. That’s all the workout was—put ups. Totally legitimate.

Kids change everything and yes you do have less time for yourself. But there are ways to make it work. And it’s important to be strong and capable for your kids.