Home gym exercise veteran teaches you how to look and feel fantastic, reclaim your lost physique, and get rid of what’s holding you back

If you’re reading these words, you’re searching for a way to get healthier and stronger, to look better and feel better, and get rid of things that are blocking your success.

There’s the calling in your heart and soul. It’s a calling for living up to your God-given potential. Being incredibly fucking strong and good looking–full of energy and vitality, a master of your mind and emotions, calm.

Everyday we wake up we have a sequence of choices. One set of choices satisfies the devil on our shoulder, the other pleases the angel on the other shoulder. Just like the old cartoons. And these choices pile up and determine the slope of our life, whether upwards or downwards or not going anywhere.

I recommend that every man develop a home gym sanctuary. But even if you don’t, here’s what I can do for you. I can help you:

  • Shed those extra pounds that have piled on
  • Get back the strength and vitality of younger days
  • Rid yourself of destructive habits that you know are holding you back
  • Reclaim your mind and be more calm and peaceful and in control
  • Remove blockers that are preventing you from being more successful

As someone who’s experienced these struggles…as a husband and father of two, someone with a home gym sanctuary, a student of effective personal development methods, let me be your guide to the do-it-yourself, continually fit, clear-headed, calm and poised revolution that’s taking place in home gyms everywhere.

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Justin is a great teacher and a very knowledgeable RKC –Russian Kettlebell Instructor. Pavel Tsatsouline quotes Justin formore than a page in “Enter The Kettlebell.” If you are looking forsomething new, try Kettlebells. If you are someone to teach youhow to train, try Justin. You will not be disappointed.

Philip S.

Justin Qualler has been a valuable resource for fitness and kettlebell training ever since we first met, while on a work assignment in Milwaukee WI. He has a gift for presenting complex fitness theory in a language understandable for the layman, and offering practical training tips for the average working person.

Jay W.

Justin Qualler helps us understand our habits and how to change them into a healthier lifestyle.

Eddie W.