“Hack away the inessential” drop the weight and get strong right from your own home gym

Getting strong and building health is not this complicated thing.

I’ve learned from guys like  Jowett and MacFadden and Hackenschmidt the fundamentals: fresh air, sunshine, rest and relaxation, pure water, simple diet…


I offer you simple instruction, quick to read, “no hype” strength, flexibility, diet, and mental training information that’s stood the test of time.

If you can picture a vision of yourself and see it enough and think it enough, you’ll find a way to make it happen.

Don’t think this stuff is too complex and too hard. Not at all.

And you don’t have to be sore for days to make progress.

I cringe every time I see someone who’s just gone to a gym and puts themself through a brutal workout and they are sore for days after.

The way I’ve learned it is you have to build the inner before the outer. That includes the organs and the mind.

This process is not difficult to do, but it does involve the painful changing of our habits. Our thoughts travel on highways and over time they get stronger and we find some we can’t break.

This mental work is far more challenging. But it’s way more effective.

Inside you’ll find:

And more.

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Justin Qualler

P.S. Check out some of these videos showing a bit of the basics I’m talking about.

One of the best things to do early in the morning is breathing exercises.

These four are awesome. They are from George Jowett’s 12 week course available here.

Fresh air is one of the key “supplements” you can take to restore your health. These breathing exercises purify your lungs AND expand your chest, helping you get rid of the office worker slouch

Do these breathing exercises everyday for three months. Transformative.

One more video and this speaks to a simplicity behind using light weights. You can meet all your strength needs (unless maybe you’re a lineman) using light weights. Check out the athletes from the 70s and 80s. Thin dudes. You don’t need to be a monster to perform.

About Justin Qualler

All my life I’ve heard comments like: Oh, wait until your kids get older. Wait until you get my age. Wait until this… It’s as though people want to tell you that life will continually get harder, to discourage you.

  • These poor folks are discouraged, perhaps because they’ve lost site of how to stay healthy and fit.
  • We’ve completely overcomplicated nearly everything.
  • What I do is provide concise information that you can use and profit from quickly. Small packets of info.
  • My hope is that I light the fitness and health spark in you—so that you may light it in another.

We need a revolution—and it starts with ourselves.


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Justin is a great teacher and a very knowledgeable RKC –Russian Kettlebell Instructor. Pavel Tsatsouline quotes Justin formore than a page in “Enter The Kettlebell.” If you are looking forsomething new, try Kettlebells. If you are someone to teach youhow to train, try Justin. You will not be disappointed.

Philip S.

Justin Qualler has been a valuable resource for fitness and kettlebell training ever since we first met, while on a work assignment in Milwaukee WI. He has a gift for presenting complex fitness theory in a language understandable for the layman, and offering practical training tips for the average working person.

Jay W.

Justin Qualler helps us understand our habits and how to change them into a healthier lifestyle.

Eddie W.