Don’t let complicated and overwhelming fitness and health information keep you from getting the body you want

Like politicians who have lost site of the lives of “common folk,” trainers who live in gyms have lost site of the simple nature of staying in shape.

And people who are accustomed to complex routines and fancy programs don’t recognize true value when they see it.

You can make huge progress with a bunch of simple changes.

That’s what I specialize in.

Simple instruction, not a lot to read, effective stuff that’s stood the test of time, and important information on making changes and keeping at it.

This is “no hype” strength, flexibility, diet, and mental training information.

You can make a few key behavior changes and completely change the trajectory of your life.

You can have a kick ass strong body with plenty of energy to succeed at life.

Importantly, you can overcome addictions and channel that power into self-development.

Check out the videos below about getting strong and breathing, then take a look around the site.

Justin Qualler

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P.P.S. The videos:

Get kick-ass strong with the 36 pound kettlebell:

Four breathing exercises from George F. Jowett. Fresh air is one of the key “supplements” you can take to restore your health. These breathing exercises purify your lungs AND expand your chest, helping you get rid of the office worker slouch

There’s a lot more of this type of stuff inside my side, on my YouTube, and in my newsletter.

Let’s get connected and transform ourselves and our world by being lean, healthy, and strong.


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Justin is a great teacher and a very knowledgeable RKC –Russian Kettlebell Instructor. Pavel Tsatsouline quotes Justin formore than a page in “Enter The Kettlebell.” If you are looking forsomething new, try Kettlebells. If you are someone to teach youhow to train, try Justin. You will not be disappointed.

Philip S.

Justin Qualler has been a valuable resource for fitness and kettlebell training ever since we first met, while on a work assignment in Milwaukee WI. He has a gift for presenting complex fitness theory in a language understandable for the layman, and offering practical training tips for the average working person.

Jay W.

Justin Qualler helps us understand our habits and how to change them into a healthier lifestyle.

Eddie W.