WMF methods are like six pack abs for your mind, body, and spirit – remove the obstacles that are in the way of your personal success

Unless you’re thinking carefully, you’re living on autopilot. The best way to break autopilot is to see your body transform in front of your eyes and apply the same techniques to the other areas of your life.

My mission is to help you limit or eliminate all the things holding you back, specifically addictions and poor thought patterns that are limiting your success both physical and financial.

Here are the benefits you get from following Working Man Fitness:

  • Getting stronger – Using basic exercises with full concentration, Training, using weightlifting as a mind-body exercise of pure focus and intent, getting kick-ass strong but not being concerned about the results
  • Being more capable – Easily get up off the floor to play with kids, or grandkids, man handle any physical task – identifying and correcting your weaknesses, expanding your consciousness, developing your concentration and ability to focus, learning key skills that help support you and your family
  • Feeling more free – Often we do things that are against our best intentions (we’re programmed by the cult, after all) – using meditation and other awareness exercises, including visioning…move into designing your life instead of just surviving through it

Look. I understand that we all have struggles. But the reality is you can completely transform yourself by renewing your mind and gaining awareness of your thought architecture. Those deep, unquestioned thought patterns that have created everything around you, including things so mundane as your reactions to traffic or meetings on your calendar…they can be changed and improved, like a good software upgrade that makes things run better.

Working Man Fitness. We’re working men. Born to work. Born to succeed. Born to conquer (especially ourselves – the only battle that really matters).

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Justin is a great teacher and a very knowledgeable RKC –Russian Kettlebell Instructor. Pavel Tsatsouline quotes Justin formore than a page in “Enter The Kettlebell.” If you are looking forsomething new, try Kettlebells. If you are someone to teach youhow to train, try Justin. You will not be disappointed.

Philip S.

Justin Qualler has been a valuable resource for fitness and kettlebell training ever since we first met, while on a work assignment in Milwaukee WI. He has a gift for presenting complex fitness theory in a language understandable for the layman, and offering practical training tips for the average working person.

Jay W.

Justin Qualler helps us understand our habits and how to change them into a healthier lifestyle.

Eddie W.