Develop a ridiculously strong body that’s capable of anything life throws at it using rare, old school fitness advice

It can be a confusing landscape of conflicting information. How do you decide what to do?

I’ve looked back to the legends of the past like Jowett, Hackenschmidt, The Mighty Atom, Bruce Lee, Alan Calvert, John Tilden, and more.

Information from a simpler, slower time, that’s super-effective and straightforward, focusing on building the inner man. A sort of spiritual force with a strong, sinewy body.

Don’t be confused by new fads and differing scientific methods. Just a fraction of the strength and vitality of these old timers and you’d be in a class by yourself.

It’s often true that we overlook what’s old and effective for what’s new and shiny. That we ingest fluff rather than seeking the heart of the matter.

You can train yourself to go from weak, frazzled, fat, and stressed to lean, healthy, productive, and strong. Certain daily disciplines and behavior and thought changes and you’re remade.

All this information is in the old literature and I’ll funnel it to you on my site, YouTube channel, newsletter, and ebooks and mailings. Practice it and transform.

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Here’s one about getting kick ass strong with the 16kg kettlebell:

And another showing you some great morning breathing exercises:

When you forget about your muscles and focus deeply on the movements, you will experience strength and body usability like never before.

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Justin is a great teacher and a very knowledgeable RKC –Russian Kettlebell Instructor. Pavel Tsatsouline quotes Justin formore than a page in “Enter The Kettlebell.” If you are looking forsomething new, try Kettlebells. If you are someone to teach youhow to train, try Justin. You will not be disappointed.

Philip S.

Justin Qualler has been a valuable resource for fitness and kettlebell training ever since we first met, while on a work assignment in Milwaukee WI. He has a gift for presenting complex fitness theory in a language understandable for the layman, and offering practical training tips for the average working person.

Jay W.

Justin Qualler helps us understand our habits and how to change them into a healthier lifestyle.

Eddie W.