Man’s battle with alcohol

Cleaning up some files on my hard drive. At some point I saved this: Know anyone like this? Yourself? Sometimes it's good to take a break from things to see just how pervasively they are

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July 4th vision

There’s this vision. The man of the house going to his basement…his garage…and exercising. This man is training his body and mind. This man is the rock of his joyful and peaceful home. In a

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The three most important back muscles

Came across in Vic Boff’s You Can Be Physically Perfect, Powerfully Strong Trapezius Erector spinae Latissimus dorsi This is why I like the overhead side bend. It’ll hit all these muscles doing that exercise. Plus

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More benefits of isometric training

Some of the more popular stuff on my site addresses this subject: isometrics The cool kids always come out for these. Those cool kids are the ones who have tried them and realized... Holy shit!

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