Working Man Fitness Local

Some great resources near the Milwaukee area.

Superb Health Milwaukee

This is a local business that offers virtual services. I’ve known Nick a long time. He’s grounded and professional. Here are a list of virtual services offered:

  • FaceTime 1:1 (30 min, 45 min and 1hr options)
  • FaceTime 1:1 (vulnerability work, custom meditation, in-home training 30 min – 2hr)
  • Zoom call group nutrition (1hr-2hr options, max of 6 participants)
  • Zoom call meal plan design (1hr-2hr)
  • Zoom call group nutrition design (1hr – 2hr)
  • Zoom call group meditation (1hr)
  • Zoom call group vulnerability work 1-2hrs
  • In-home Program design (1hr)
  • Check ins (15-30 minutes

Visit the website or if you’re in the US, call 414-477-2071