A while back I bought a book on systema breathing. One of the keys I took away from that book was matching the movement to the breath, with the breath leading just slightly.

In through the nose, out through the mouth. Calm.

This article on Dragon Door sums the principles up nicely.

I’ve heard Stave Maxwell say that every exercise is a breathing exercise. An interesting way to think of it. Breathing properly during an exercise is a sort of discipline.

It’s a matter of keeping yourself composed and aware during your training. Your mind isn’t wondering, it’s all an intentional building of the body. A big meditation.

The nasal breathing in general is a great barometer. If you exceed nasal breathing, you exceed the natural capacity. There’s a strange tendency to force and push ourselves into attaining new heights as quickly as possible.

There’s no rush. And rushing almost always causes problems in in the trainee. Joint pain, soreness, injury, and stopping altogether.

The focus on the breath, of matching it to the movement and breathing through the nose, brings on a more practical, sustainable, and enjoyable approach to training. It eliminates the feeling of rushing, once you work into the techniques.

Make sure you’re keeping aware of your breath. It’s a great source of power.