Citizen Health Club

If you're on my newsletter, you know I've made no secret I'm concerned over the health of our world. We're fearful of

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Good for me, bad for me

Sometimes I get stuck looking at life as a spreadsheet. Track a few key activities, keep those activities in certain parameters And

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Key exercises for super strength

Super strength? What? That skinny dude from Wisconsin is talkin’ bout super strength? Hang on, pal. I’m talking about what Alan Calvert

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Foods that contain round up

Foods that contain round up If you have a minute today, just do this simple Google (or Duck Duck

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Where I’m at

Where I'm at The other day I thought I’d take a picture of where I’m at. At least in terms

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Top 3 myths about fitness and strength

Lots of people would like to be in better shape or more consistent with exercise. Achieve some fitness goal. But…it doesn’t happen.

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