More than a few are struggling with their thoughts and the virus right now. Me included.

So I had to go back to my notes. In fact, I went back to Battle of Mind and Lean, Healthy, Strong.

This is where I’ve written the best of what I know about controlling attention.

There are a couple sides to this.

One, and I don’t discuss in either book, is the auto-conditioning routine.

You do this routine and you’ll learn to control your heart beat. I did.

And and you’ll learn how to relax your body at will.

Maybe that’s why that book sells for over 100 on Amazon.

Controlling your attention is the beginning to attaining these abilities.

Anyway, a simple way to control your attention—one you can develop over the course of the next few weeks—is to learn to concentrate and to develop a strong vision.

The vision is something you need to remind yourself of everyday.

When you start focusing on other stuff, you move farther from your goals.

Especially fearful stuff.

You’re either making no progress or moving farther away from what you want.

And if you aren’t clear on what you want then then where are you going?

When we don’t have a vision, there is no common theme to the day.

It’s the rat race.

We might make some small improvements but we go back to old patterns.

Steps taken forward and sleep walking back again.

So spending time creating a meaningful vision and coming back to it daily is mandatory.

When we think about something we can’t control, it’s a total waste of time.

I’ll be honest.

I’ve had to get deeper into vision work these past few weeks.

The family life, the home life, what I’m contributing to the world…what’s it look like?

Do you want an edge on most of the people around you?

Most people are probably distracted…thinking too much about corona virus and forgetting their main duties.

Or being more on auto-pilot.

Indulging in major bouts of news porn.

And ironically, only 41% of us trust the news. But we like the drama.

Now, I can’t say all these lessons are in the updated Lean, Healthy, Strong. You won’t learn to control your heartbeat.

But there is a huge focus on creating a vision.

And the way I teach lifting is to concentrate fully.

And one of the bonuses is a copy of Battle of Mind which has even more focus on elevating your mind above the common man.

It’s a huge bargain at $14.97 and I know you’ll be better for it.