He focused heavily on diet, but his writings on diet bled into morality and constituted an overall way of being. He didn’t mince his words and created many enemies, but his writings and logic are sound.

We Need to Pursue Self Mastery

There is a documentary called One. In this documentary they showcase the lives of people in nearly 200 different countries on 10.10.2010. In a poor community that was highlighted, the people said, “Who is going to come here and help us.” In other communities, people were helping themselves. It’s the whole teach a man to fish thing.

Tilden lays bare the Facts, the reality of health and wellness. But following his advice requires that we abandon our proclivities, ditch our wishful thinking, and grow into a self-disciplined approach towards eating, thinking, and being. Tilden encourages us to live at the grade of Self-Mastery. No one is going to swoop in and save us–we have to do it ourselves.

We Need to Stop Being Food Drunkards

We are addicted to stimulation. We stimulate ourselves through food, TV, gossip, and endless activities. Tilden teaches that we have a finite amount of available nerve energy. Digestion, Tilden reminds us, requires energy. Consume too much food, and you burn too much energy trying to digest it. There comes a point where you are using too much of your energy and you can digest and fully eliminate your food. Once this happens, you become toxic and you become sick.

Reading Tilden you will quickly realize that most people don’t know how to eat. We confuse habit hunger with actual hunger, chew too fast, eat the wrong food, eat food in poor combinations, eat when we’re sick, eat when we’re in bad moods–fundamental errors in eating that so-called lower animals don’t make.

We Get Sick Because We Do Things Incorrectly

Tilden doesn’t believe in the germ theory. He calls that belief a belief in the boogeyman. He believes that we make ourselves sick our well depending on our use of nerve energy. If we enervate ourselves through incorrect thinking, incorrect eating, or incorrect behavior, we will check our digestion and waste will not eliminate properly. This is the bottom line.

We Need to Start Doing Things Correctly

Our current mindset is that we can transgress the laws of health and wellness with impunity and our medical science will come to the rescue. This is working terribly for us. We have no freedom if we don’t have health, and if we willingly transgress, we are living like brutes.

Change is Slow, but We Must Start Now

We are all at different levels, but each us is capable of making change in the right direction. The quicker we can acknowledge and become aware of our faults, the quicker we can improve. There is a process to follow for change, and it works if you are diligent.

*     *     *

William Muldoon, another powerful man who lived early in the 20th century, said that we know pretty well what we ought to do, we just don’t do it. But you might not know what you ought to do. Read Tilden’s Toxemia Explained and find out.