The past three weeks, training has been hit or miss. That’ll happen when you quit your job, pack up all your belongings, sell some of them in a frenzy on Craigslist, and drive 1,920 miles.

Yeah, I moved.

I’ve lost weight and I’m not quite as healthy. I’ve been eating on the road. I haven’t had a place I can really call home in over two weeks.

I was able to get in a few workouts. I’ve done some stretching. I’ve had a few good meals. I did my best, given the circumstances.

That’s part of what this whole training thing is about. Don’t obsess about what you’re doing for your fitness every single minute of every single day. Things might get in the way, you’ll miss some workouts, you’ll eat some bad food—but you keep fitness in mind and it’s still part of your lifestyle (maybe just a smaller part for the time being).

You think some healthy thoughts, do some healthy things, and you don’t worry about what you haven’t done.

When some stability returns, and the lifestyle permits, you pick up close to where you left off, minus the guilt. I’m going to pick it back up tomorrow.

How about you?