A sunny cold day in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Just finished a workout consisting of swings, kettlebell military presses, pull ups, and goblet squats. Four sets of five – then a set of 16 double kettlebell cleans. It’s a pretty good finisher.

I’ve been regular with dynamic stretching and my legs feel great. Two consistent weeks in a row, and already a difference is felt.

The key I’ve learned is to pick good exercises, train movements, and focus deeply on your form. It’s really a matter of paying attention. You’re doing a movement and you seek a particular benefit from it – imaging that benefit accruing while you’re doing the exercises, while you simultaneously feel everything going on inside your body. Each individual muscle strain, working to activate and control more of your musculature, coordinating your breath to the movement.

The other key is stretching. Been doing more of that lately, particularly in my upper body which is tight from not stretching and from my occupation of desk jockey. The thing with stretching is you can do it on the floor with kids (playing) or while watching TV. So, think about where your tight and then do some stretches for that area. Watch some youtubes. If you feel tight, learn to get a stretch in during your free moments.

Well, that’s about it. Both kids are napping at the same time and that’s great, but I got some other stuff to do.