napoleon_hillIn Napoleon Hill’s Law of Successir?t=wormanfit 20&l=as2&o=1&a=158542689X - Take Action with Napoleon Hill's Daily Routine he dedicates an entire chapter to taking action. As Bruce Lee would say, “Running water never grows stale.”

So how do you take action?

Well, Napoleon Hill offered up some daily routines that helped keep him healthy and fit to be able to take action:

  1. I drink a cup of hot water when I first get up in the morning, before I have breakfast.
  2. My breakfast consists of rolls made of whole wheat and bran, breakfast cereal, fruit, soft boiled eggs once in a while, and coffee. For luncheon I eat vegetables (most any kind) whole-wheat bread and a glass of butter-milk. Supper, a well-cooked steak once or twice a week, vegetables, especially lettuce, and coffee.
  3. I walk an average of ten miles a day, five miles into country and five miles back, using this period for meditation and thought. Perhaps the thinking is as valuable as a health builder as the walk.
  4. I lie across a straight bottom chair, flat on my back, with most of my weight resting on the small of my back, with my head and arms relaxed completely, until they almost touch the floor. This gives the nervous energy of my body an opportunity to properly balance and distribute itself, and ten minutes in this position will completely relieve all signs of fatigue, no matter how tired I may be.
  5. I take an enema at least once every ten days, and more often if I feel the need of it, using water that is a little below blood temperature, with a tablespoonful of salt in it, chest and knee position.
  6. I take a hot shower bath, followed immediately by a cold shower, every day, usually in the morning when I first get up.

Nothing complicated here. By the way, Hill lived until he was 87 years old and had an extremely productive life.