Friday night I surprised my wife by actually watching TV with her. We weren’t watching the same shows, of course… But at least I chilled out for once.

She’s been in to Outlander and in a major way.

Me? I was watching Kung Fu the Legend Continues.

The episode was called Disciple and it was this highly skilled student who came to Caine wanting to go the last step.

Caine couldn’t teach him anything physical—he had to teach him the ‘why’. As he explained, “In his haste to learn the how, he forgot the why.”

And that is why his disciple ends up being involved in professional street fights.

So, a cautionary tale there—the why is important.

What’s yours?

Why are you drinking water with lemon instead of coffee first thing in the morning?

Why are you training three days a week while others are slacking off and watching the game or whatever.

Why are you introspecting on your day at night instead of watching TV and just vegging out?

Unless there is a powerful ‘why’ driving these activities, you could get sucked off the path.

Generally people can get back on the path, but not always. I’ve lost people in my life who got sucked off, never to return.

Reasons why are generally personal. Whatever they are, it needs to be strong and you need to think of it frequently.

Life is designed to throw you off course. Like a student seeking the master…waiting outside the temple doors in rain and snow.

You’ll be tempted.

But with a strong reason why—you’ll succeed.

Today is fasting day. I talk about this in Eating for Vitality.

It’s a good discipline and Bernarr MacFadden did it. So did the Braggs… And Tilden recommends fasting, too.

You might give it a shot—just 24 hours, Sunday dinner to Monday dinner. Water only. Distilled water preferred.

Good way to clean the pipes and keep food in its rightful place—a tool, not a source of pleasure.

Justin Qualler