It’s reflection time. Let’s think about 2017 and decide what we want to change in 2018. Or let’s take the long look back—5 or 10 years—and decide what needs to be different in the future.

As I was doing Paramahansa Yogananda’s energization exercises this morning a thought drifted into my head. What is my biggest impediment to progress?

And that’s the question I’m asking here.

There might be several things that impede progress, but one could be at the top of the list. Let’s look at a list of things that are impeding our population from progress:

* Alcohol
* Cigarettes
* Drugs
* Pornography
* Poor food
* FaceBook
* Smartphones
* TV

If you consider the throughput of your brain, how much of your computing power is taken up by impediments such as the ones above?

It’s a question to ask, especially if you desire improvements. Analyzing our habits is difficult and sometimes we give habits way too much slack. Oh, it’s just an hour of TV a night. Well, that’s 15 days of TV throughout the year. Imagine—15 days! What other more beneficial thing could you accomplish? Is entertainment important? I guess, but I like taking multipliers to things to see if they are really as important as they seem.

What to do?

Self-discovery is an important process. Several things help:

  • The introspection exercise I mentioned in my recent newsletter.
  • Also, meditation.
  • One thing I didn’t mention was journaling. This is something I’ve done since 1994. When you write about things like your life, you really see where your living has flaws.

What’s the point?

People have been asking about the meaning of life for a long time. One answer is obvious: discover your flaws, the things preventing you from being the best version of yourself, and eliminate them.

Some of the most basic flaws come from not setting up the support structure well. Poor eating, lack of exercise, and other impediments that prevent full expression.

The nervous system is super-powerful, but if its energies are consumed in things that fall more toward the “bad for you” category, then you’ll have less overall energy to be what you want to be. What do you think?