On Saturdays, I like to do stuff throughout the day. Usually movement-based stuff. Lately I’ve really gotten into kicking the bag. Man, I love that. I used to watch Bruce Lee do his running side kick and thought it was amazing. Having a good running asset is a tremendous weapon to have up your sleeve!

Here’s a Saturday workout to try:

Side Kicks, Snatches, and Stretches

I have a bunch of different Saturday routines I do. This one, like the others has a movement component–this time with a running side kick.

Equipment Needed

  • Kettlebell
  • Heavy bab

Warm Up

For most of my Saturday workouts my warm up is that I’m already moving around, picking up kids, and doing stuff. Jumping rope or a light jog would also be a good warm up for this one.

Training Focus

The side kicks are a form of controlled anger. Kicking and punching a bag is

Exercise Sets Reps Special Instructions
Running side kick 1 6 left, then right Watch Bruce Lee doing this
Kung Fu Stances 1 n/a About 15-30 seconds for each position.


Snatches 1 85% max Back and forth. Do this just after the lateral walking swings. It should be intense–pick your weight accordingly.


I prefer stretching throughout the day. A favorite stretch of mine is downward dog. I like the way Iyengar describes the asanas. Very detailed. Hold this one for up to a minute, breathing deeply. Throughout the day do shoulder and groin stretches. Once you feel comfortable stretching in public, sky is the limit with how much stretching you can do in a day.