Getting started with physical culture

WMF Style training starts with your own home gym and a desire to learn effective methods of training without wasting time.

But you have to train right. Give it your full attention. Learn good form. Feel your body. Do the exercises properly. Focus. Exercise with intent.

As Bruce Lee said, the goal is “simply to simplify.” No BS. Just effective, efficient, and fun training.

Doing work with the body is the entry point into an expanded life of greater consciousness. And that’s the goal, not just a body that’s lean and strong, but a mind that’s clear and a spirit that’s deeply rooted.

Fundamentals and daily disciplines

Before picking up a weight or doing anything, certain daily disciplines must be established. Let’s look at a few:

  • Breathing in fresh air – be intentional about this, especially if you are an indoor worker.
  • Getting sunshine – again, if you work indoors, be intentional about this (George Hackenscmidt called fresh air and sunshine the principle foods of man.)
  • Moderate to none – Caffeine, alcohol, and sugar. Common vices that enervate the nervous system. Watch ‘em.
  • Meditation and reflection – You need space to pause and reflect and the goal is a calm mind, not continuous thinking
  • Posture – Be aware of how you hold your body, eliminate sitting and slumping, stretch through your spine and pull yourself tall, shoulders down and back
  • Morning and evening routines – two spiritual times, establish routines that serve you and prepare you for the day and for a calm rest

Simple choices

Don’t overcomplicate your life. Don’t overextend yourself, don’t over-season your food, don’t complicate your drinks, don’t complicate your life with needless things.

Simple choices mean a more calm life.

Simplify things to create space to develop rich relationships.

Eating correctly

Eating takes energy. Eat too much and you use more energy than you got from your food. The meal is spiritual and the table conversation should be joyful. Eliminate processed stuff.

Don’t continuously eat all day. Give your digestion a break. Six meals a day is a farce. Two to three is more like it. If you have a driving desire for food, trouble is on the way, says John Tilden.

Training your mind

Focus and concentration. Meditation. Here you should have a good idea of your purpose and mission in life. And you should be able to quickly cast aside things and thoughts that don’t lead you there. Be able to maintain a PMA – positive mental attitude. Recognize that happenings don’t control your happiness. You do. Be aware of your emotions and their fluctuations. Begin to control them more and more.

Physical training

Bruce Lee said that everything he learned about life he learned through the martial arts. For me, it all comes from lifting weights.

Physical training, done correctly, leads into mental training and even spiritual training as well.

From a mental perspective you’re disciplining yourself to do something. Self-discipline is a key aspect to personal growth.

From a spiritual perspective, you are destroying limiting concepts of yourself that have held you back for years. You begin to see new possibilities as you discover that what you had thought about yourself was wrong. Intense training can open up new vistas of thought and awareness. Anything is possible once you begin to realize that the beliefs you have had about your capacity were wrong—and, by extension—other beliefs you hold may be wrong as well!

Physical training slows the aging process, it gives you more energy to complete tasks at hand, it gives your muscles more tone and makes you more attractive and it is an easy way to do something important for yourself every single day.

The Home Gym and your own Chamber of Excellence

Good old Grandpa Kratochvil did me right. That man, tough as nails, showed me strength with age. A boxer in his youth, worked with his hands all his life, lived on a farm, and had a set of weights. He took me to a gym at a young impressionable age. It was mesmerizing to me.

Popular culture glorifies a man cave as a place where a man can escape. But that form of escapism is not cool or beneficial to you or anyone around you. But an “escape” to the home gym in the form of disciplined and consistent training is the best thing you can do for you and your family.

Don’t let anything stand in your way of your training time. Make it happen. Show your kids, show your wife—show them the way.


That’s it. Every man can and should be strong. You can do it! … Regardless of where you are now.