WMF Style Training

Working Man Fitness promotes strength training using primarily kettlebells, occasionally the barbell, and sometimes the body by itself.

In 1.5 hours per week you can shed unwanted weight, get stronger than you’ve ever been before, and feel amazing.

But you have to train right. No half-assing it. Give it your full attention for 30 minutes three times a week. Learn good form. Feel your body. Do the exercises properly. Focus. Exercise with intent.

Above all, pay attention. Do you feel run down? Take a rest. Don’t feel guilty about it. Rest is restorative. When you begin feeling better, get back to it, but be gentle the first couple times out. Remember the tortoise and the hare. Or that Chinese proverb, “Impatiently rushing produces no result.”

Rampant consumerism has brought us some pretty great stuff. But it’s also brought a lot of bullshit and too many decisions. Working Man Fitness style training makes it simple: kettlebells and strength training.

IMG 1483 184x300 - WMF Style TrainingWithin the kettlebell framework, there are unique exercises that are outside the mainstream. These exercises develop and work your body in ways that traditional exercises can’t. Therefore, a good kettlebell workout can give you strength, stamina, and flexibility–all in the same workout.

But strength training goes beyond kettlebells. A barbell and a pullup bar are a great addition to your training program. The barbell lets you use progressive resistance and helps you develop something called limit strength. When you’re training limit strength, your full concentration and focus is required. In an ADHD world, that is important. It is also abundantly useful in all sorts of life situations whether you’re mowing the lawn, carrying boxes, or picking up your kid.

By the way, none of this stuff requires fancy clothing, shoes, or any specialized accessories other than the tools themselves. Just simple, effective training, movement-based, primarily kettlebells, mostly barefoot, training the nervous system to fire the muscles in your body efficiently and effectively–and making your body look and feel amazing.

This is Working Man Fitness style training. No BS. Just effective, efficient, and fun training.

P.S. Just because you’re lifting kettlebells and strength training doesn’t mean you can be lazy the rest of the time. Get out there and be active!

P.P.S. There are a ton of ways to keep in shape. You don’t have to be married to one style or tool. But, it’s good to get a grounding in both style and tool and learn the underlying principles of movement which can then be applied to other pursuits.