The way of the intercepting fist applies to the office.

The dull meeting where you need someone to come in with a bit of enthusiasm.

The stupid project where you need someone to say, WTF?

The sitting on the butt where you need to say to yourself, dude GET UP!

The daily habits you adopt that are either killing you or building you up.

The attitude you come to the party with.

A big thing with brain work is you’re taking the blood from the body. The outdoor work, which often doesn’t pay as much, is more salubrious in some respects. Fresh air, sunshine…

So the office worker must supplement:

What man has taken away from nature, we must supplement back in. Our nature is walking around a lot, moving, doing physical stuff.

In Office Worker Jeet Kune Do, you design your life to supplement these things in.

And occasionally a deprivation or two. Something that taxes your mental endurance. A long set of snatches. A cold shower. An early morning awakening. A 30 day challenge with no coffee.

One thing I’m missing right now is the walking. Here’s how it happened. Project at work has issues. Issues begin to dominate thoughts. Instead of pulling away from the desk, you get sucked in, butt flattening out. 

Awareness is curative.