One of my closest friends, Brian, was my first kettlebell client.

Great guy. A dentist. Somehow classified as not essential. But that’s besides the point I suppose.

Some other time I’ll drill into why we have gotten so unhealthy. Why we’ve let a measly virus knock us on our ass.

It wouldn’t have anything to do with so many of us being fat, weak, and out of shape, would it?

Or a disease management system disguised as a health care system.

Not at all! Not at all!

Motivation and inspiration

I’ve found kettlebells typically to be the motivated types. Many exercisers in general. They see that they can do some things and change their body.

From there it’s easy to reason that if you do some mental training, you can change your mind.

And of course, if you can change your mind and your body, you certainly can work on your soul.

Soul work

I’ve had a few experiences that have convinced me that I’m a soul having an earthly experience. A few times during meditation I’ve melted into the whatever it is that is out there and my body was light as a feather.

Some people have been able to read me, and I could feel them digging around within my mind.

Now I’ve been working on prayer and meditation.

But our world is hurting now

Our world is hurting right now. Perhaps we need more kettlebellers. Maybe that’ll be a video I do…The World Needs More Kettlebellers Right Now.

An impassioned plea for all to start getting in shape. Actually, at this moment I’d be pitching the Jowett Course because that has turned my life around.

For now though, another kettlebeller and seemingly good guy(!) sent me this video a few days back. A 10 minute motivational spiel from Admiral McRaven. Enjoy.

One final thought

I liked this graphic. Don’t agree with everything here, particularly the work part. 120-140 hours a week? Yeah, right.

But affirmations, the sundown rule, exercising and eating well…lots of good stuff.

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