When the warmer weather comes in, things change. It’s lighter longer. It’s warmer. You can go outside without freezing your you know what off. So, naturally, it’s a time for change.

In this case, some brief analysis of some problem areas: lower legs, ankles, feet, and neck. These are areas that are weak. My legs are too strong, so I’m dialing that back. My shoulders I’d like to have a little more muscle mass, particularly on my left side which was damaged by a torn pec. Finally, I’ve had good results from doing a lot of horizontal pulling and I realize that was a motion I neglected.

Spring is also about movement, so I’ve been walking more and doing other movement stuff, like throwing kicks, doing side shuffles, and stuff like that.

I’m still working the 5×5 plan I’ve been writing about. While I’ve felt stronger in my life, I definitely feel strong now, stronger than I’ve been. And it’s all usable strength. You know, functional fitness. I feel like I have total control of my body and can exhibit strength in nearly everything I do.

But, now I’m thinking about my next few months or so. Let’s figure that out.

warm up: swings followed by 2 sets of five side kick (it can never hurt to be able to throw a good side kick!) I throw these low, from either the knee cap level or the stomach level.

  • Kb military press
  • Tbar row or bent over dumbbell row
  • Barbell military press
  • Deadlift or power clean
  • Some kind of crawling or shuffling movement


  • Dynamic stretching
  • Pull ups (I put these here but realistically I just do sets of pull ups throughout the week)


  • Incline bench press dumbbell
  • Dumbbell row or renegade row
  • Barbell military press
  • Pistol
  • Some kind of crawling or shuffling movement

Explanations: This is just a sample. Each exercise gets 4 sets. Every now and then I do 5, but there are diminishing returns with 5 sets. 3-4 sets is a good number. Sometimes I vary the exercises from set to set. For example, I’ll switch to a barbell military press from a kettlebell military press. Or from a deadlift to a power clean to a really heavy deadlift. Or to a double clean. Same motion, different exercise, different focus, more fun.

It really doesn’t take much. These workouts are 20-30 minutes. Then I take walks. Still not at 10K steps per day, but around 6-8K which is better.

Every exercise I do has full intent and concentration. No “phoning it in.” For dumbbell movements like the incline press or single arm military press, I really focus on my left side, trying to bring that side stronger.

This is a pretty simple template to put together—pick the solid movement patterns, select exercises that fit into the pattern, create two workouts, workout twice per week, follow the 5×5 protocol.